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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Daybreak Game Company
Release Date: Aug. 7, 2018

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'H1Z1' (ALL) Rolls Out PS4 Battle Pass Season 2

by Rainier on Nov. 7, 2018 @ 12:45 p.m. PST

H1Z1 is a large-scale, high-intensity multiplayer shooter comprised of a variety of new fight-to-the-death game modes.

You drop into a high-intensity, arena-style grudge match. You activate your inner beast mode, gear up fast, throw together a game plan, and jump into the fray, ready to see if you have what it takes to be the last man standing. Whether you’re racking up a kill streak or just adding to the chaos, you’re ready to spill blood. After all, dying is for losers.

H1Z1 is being developed as a fast-paced shooter that will be comprised of multiple fight-to-the-death game modes, including Battle Royale. Players will compete in large-scale chaotic PvP spectacles of skill, wit, and a little luck, where everyone must fight to the death to stand alone at the top of the podium.

Will you be the type to hide among the berry bushes, letting most of the crowd thin themselves out before you join the ruckus? Or are you going to dive in, guns blazing, adding kills faster than you can count? Which weapons will you grab first, and what other supplies will help take you to victory? Battle Royale game modes are all about scavenging and strategy (and, yes, a little bit of luck and a whole lot of crazy).

The H1Z1 Battle Pass is back and bigger than before for Season 2!

With 75 tiers of all-new rewards to unlock (including a few brand new reward types), there's never been a better time to parachute in and hit the ground running.

  • Season 2 of the Battle Pass includes 75 tiers, up from 30 in Season 1: 
    • The Premium Battle Pass will be available for 750 Crowns in-game, OR there's a special PlayStation Store bundle that includes the Premium Battle Pass AND an exclusive Skull Ops outfit.
    • Want to get a head start on unlocking your new outfits? A special Premium Battle Pass package will be available that also unlocks the first 25 tiers at a discount.
  • The Premium line of the Season 2 Battle Pass includes 4 new outfits, a host of new weapon skins, and a few new reward types. 
  • There will be Free, Premium, and PlayStation Plus lines of the Battle Pass.
  • You will be able to unlock individual tiers of the Battle Pass with Crowns starting from the beginning of Season 2.

Here are all the ways you can grab the Premium Battle Pass, including a few special bonuses:

In-Game (available from the Battle Pass menu)

  • Premium Battle Pass (750 Crowns)
  • Premium Battle Pass PLUS 25 Tiers Unlocked (4350 Crowns 2700 Crowns - Save 38%!)

PlayStation Store

  • Premium Battle Pass PLUS Exclusive Skull Ops Outfit ($19.99/€19.99)

As before, there are also Free and PlayStation Plus lines of the Battle Pass that you'll automatically unlock upon logging in. If you're looking to get a head start on your new outfits, you can level up your Season 2 Battle Pass for 150 Crowns per tier.

Will you claim the Wasteland set and rise to the top of the leaderboards? Season 2 will be live until Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

Updates & Bug Fixes
  • All player leaderboard stats will be reset at the beginning of Season 2.
    • Fixed an issue where some players would appear to see their leaderboard stats reset incorrectly.
    • Our team is continuing to investigate additional edge cases where leaderboard stats may appear incorrectly. If you catch this bug in action, please let us know more details on the Bug Reporting section of our official forums.
  • 10 new Daily Challenges have been added to the rotation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Combat Shotgun's item rarity was incorrectly displaying as Green rather than Purple.
  • Fixed an issue with emote animations.

H1Z1 is now available for PC ($19.99 through), free to play on PS4, with an Xbox One version to follow later.

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