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While True: Learn()

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: Jan. 17, 2019

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'While True: Learn()' Gets Release Date

by Rainier on Dec. 13, 2018 @ 9:22 a.m. PST

While True: Learn() is a puzzle/simulation game about even more puzzling stuff: machine learning, neural networks, big data and AI. But most importantly, it's about understanding your cat.

In While True: Learn(), you play as a coder who accidentally found out that their cat is extremely good at coding, but not as good at speaking human language. Now this coder (it’s you!) must learn all there is to know about machine learning and use visual programming to build a cat-to-human speech recognition system.

Thanks to its unique mixture of entertainment and education, it has not only become a success as a game, but also as an educational tool used in many different contexts – from schools and coding camps to having been used as a selection tool to pick participants of the Ostrov.2035 University, an innovative Russian educational program for hi-tech industry leaders.

While True: Learn() will be released on January 17th for $12.99.

To mark the occasion, started yesterday a creativity contest.

In while True: learn () you play as a freelance machine learning specialist who creates AIs for his clients and run some startups as CTO in order to get money enough to buy crazy gear for his talking cat. invites you to send us your ideas for crazy gear for your cat. Let your creativity go free and wild: it can be a short description, a sketch, a song, a vlog, or any other form of expression that you’re comfortable with. How would you like your cat to be dressed like?

Send your ideas before December 21th at midnight via Steam, Facebook, Twitter, Discord or email. will pick 3 and add them to the game, and 10 finalists will also get a free key!

Key Features:

  • Learn how machine learning works in real life. The game is loosely based on real-life machine learning technologies: from goofy Expert Systems to mighty Recurrent Neural Networks, capable of predicting the future. Don’t worry: it all plays out as a puzzle game. No coding experience required!
  • Train yourself into a data science wizard! Drag objects around your screen with a mouse! Connect them with lines (oh yeah)! Try. Fail. Optimize. Try again. Then press “Release” button and see that sweet pieces of data flow smoothly through your screen.
  • Embrace the adventurous lifestyle of a machine learning specialist! Designing a groundbreaking technology requires time, experience and money. That means you’ll have to work as a freelancer, with all the excitement that comes along with it. Receive emails! Accept contracts! Sit alone in a dark room for days without saying a single word! Socialize on forums! That’s what real data scientists do!
  • Coding just got real! Our quests are based on actual problems, solved by machine learning. This includes building a self-driving car (with your cat as a pilot). And if you really want to test your programming might, you can become a CTO of a startup: it’s your skills and your schemes against the savage laws of the market! Earn a fortune, flip off your bosses and become a tech guru… Or lose everything and crawl back to the doorstep of HR department: at least it was worth trying, right?
  • Improve your gear, improve your life! Once you ensure a stable cash flow, you’ll be able to buy yourself a bunch of fancy hardware to improve your performance. But it’s not just about the hardware! Buy yourself a new smartphone or a geeky figurine! Buy fancy outfits for your cat! Hell, you can even buy yourself an aloe!

While True: Learn() is currently available on Steam Early Access ($6.99/ €6.99)and it’s localized to English, Russian, German, Hungarian, and Korean.

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