When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Curve Digital
Developer: Huge Calf Studios
Release Date: Early 2019

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'When Ski Lifts Go Wrong' (ALL) Reveals Upcoming Launch Content - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 17, 2018 @ 2:46 a.m. PST

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong mixes construction with destruction, sending hapless skiers, boarders and snowmobiles across perilous courses, and sometimes to their deaths.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong (previously called Carried Away) challenges players to build intricate courses to transport eager holiday goers from one side of the mountain to the other, then wince at the results when their haphazard constructions are put into action, often sending them plummeting to their demise. This is a game about enjoying each failure, as madcap physics and bloody mishaps make every run feel fresh. Whether during the winter or the summer, players design and build their courses with chair lifts, gondolas and ramps, then directly control riders to get them to the finish line unharmed.

Realistic physics means realistic disasters. This is a game about enjoying each failure, as madcap physics and bloody mishaps make every run feel fresh. You must construct ski-themed courses - rigging chair lifts, gondolas, and ramps - and use direct control to get your skiers and snowmobile drivers to the finish line without them tumbling down a ravine. Or depending on how you feel, purposely send them tumbling down a ravine.

Create your own puzzles in the easy-to-use level builder where only your imagination is the limit. Customize the puzzle with the slope editor, then bring it to life with the procedural mountain generation tool and your choice of scenery and settings. Combine chairlifts and gondolas in a single level to reach the highest peaks, or construct the terrain park of your dreams to practice your skiing tricks.


Share your proudest and most audacious replays with the community. The inbuilt gif and mp4 exporter makes it easy to share your replays and creations online. Or take to Steam Workshop to test your engineering skills against the rest of the community.

Currently in Steam Early Access, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong’s new content will bring the game’s total level count to over 100, including new summer environments and new vehicles such as the motorbike and bicycle, additional music, new achievements, Steam trading cards and bug fixes. No matter the climate, realistic physics means realistic disasters!

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong combines the joy of mechanical engineering with the mischievous pratfalls of sending hapless sports enthusiasts to their doom. Nintendo Switch players will be experiencing When Ski Lifts Go Wrong for the first time, with the Nintendo Switch version incorporating all the content and improvements from the Steam commercial launch version. In addition, on Nintendo Switch, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong includes touchscreen support and uses the full screenshot and video capabilities of the capture button. On PC, the game includes an MP4 video and GIF export feature so you can share your hilarious moments with friends, whichever platform you choose.

“We’re so excited to finally share the summer themed content of When Ski Lifts Go Wrong with players,” said Jonny Hughes, Producer and Game Designer for Hugecalf Studios. ”We’ve been polishing the game and taking on board player feedback during Early Access which has been awesome and greatly benefitted the game. This new content is the result of everything we have learned so far from over two years of the game’s development.”

“We can’t wait to share When Ski Lifts Go Wrong with players next year. It’s already such a hit around the office,” said Simon Byron, Publishing Director at Curve Digital. “The summer themed content, including variances in terrain, vehicles and physics give the game a whole new feel.”

So strap on your skis, grab your tools and bring some bandages because ski lifts are bound to go wrong when this bloody and bloody hilarious construction puzzler releases.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong is coming out of PC Steam Early Access and send it skidding onto Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

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