Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Siege Camp
Release Date: Sept. 28, 2022

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'Foxhole' Early Access Update Adds Urban Warfare, Visual Overhaul, Super Weapons And More - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 21, 2018 @ 12:03 a.m. PST

Foxhole is a massively multiplayer online strategy game where hundreds of players work together to shape the outcome of a persistent online war.

Set in an alternate timeline of the great wars, Foxhole is the ultimate game of collaborative strategy and tactics, where every player action can have a powerful effect on a world in a state of war. With a unique mix of sandbox warfare and emergent multiplayer gameplay, the outcome of every battle is unpredictable.

In Foxhole players control every element of war, from weapon production and base building to strategy and combat. To succeed they must acquire resources, build vehicles, and run supply lines to keep the frontlines well equipped.

The entire game has been revamped with a Visual Overhaul, World Redesign, Urban Warfare, and full fledged end game content like Battle Tanks and Ballistic Rocket super weapons.

Welcome to the new Foxhole...

Urban Warfare

Fully realized town environments that have been built from the ground up, taking urban combat to a new level. Players can now enter the interior of buildings to take cover or climb on top of ruined houses to gain a high ground advantage, resulting in prolonged street battles. Abandoned buildings can be garrisoned and built into mortar emplacements or outposts, providing even more tactical options for town sieges.

Mortar Emplacement House

A fixed Mortar built on top of a house that can be used to directly target and fire at attackers during a siege.

Safe House

Special Garrisoned Houses in towns that act as support bases in the case of a siege.

Battle Tanks

The heaviest armored vehicle to date, the Battle Tank requires a crew of 5 to operate and a strong supply line to deploy effectively. This devastating machine of war introduces the unique role of the tank engineer, that is tasked with repairing and ammunition management.

  • LANCE-36: Tested and iterated and meticulously designed in the heart of the Velian capital of Damokratos, the Lance is the absolute workhorse of the storied Colonial armour division. Each bolt inspected with utter perfection. Every gear carefully calibrated, greased and maintained. Additional plates of armour were added after identifying several distinct vulnerabilities. Its Weight, speed, and ballistics are designed and produced with rigorous efficiency. Despite fleeting Warden efforts to plagerise the design, there isn’t another vehicle so capable as the Lance; There isn’t another army like the Colonial Legion. Both are destined for glory.
  • FLOOD MK-1: When Cormac Flood designed this, the Warden’s newest armour, they knew it needed to compete with what was, at the time, a far more versatile Colonial assault division. During the burnout of the Great Wars, Flood tore apart an abandoned Colonial Lance. With new knowledge gained, he applied his skill as craftsman and engineer to design a vehicle that was more efficacious and could out-maneuver or out-gun anything the Colonials could throw at it.

Ammunition Factory

New unique factories have been added to the world that are capable of producing specialized shells for tanks. Factions that capture and hold these strategic objectives in the world will be able to add high explosive, armor piercing, and shrapnel tank shells to their arsenal.

Ballistic Rocket Super Weapon

Reactivate ancient Ballistic Rocket Sites in the world. These end game super weapons demand the highest level of team effort to achieve, requiring logistics, recon, and combat roles to all work together. Rockets are capable of leveling entire towns, permanently changing the landscape of war.

Visual Overhaul

Every square kilometer of the world has been recreated with higher fidelity assets, improved lighting, and densely populated environments, creating a richer battlefield.

Additional Highlights

In addition to the highlight features above, we've made numerous other changes in this sweeping update.
  • Tier 2 Sandbag Walls for fortifying urban environments
  • New Dynamic Camera system that zooms for a strategic view
  • Radio Backpack now automatically generates map intelligence
  • New Garrisoned Building features like mountable windows

There other improvements, changes, and bug fixes in this update. Read the full release notes for the details.

Key Features:

  • Player Directed Warfare - Every soldier is controlled by a player. Players ARE the content
  • Sandbox warfare, where players determine the narrative of a long term war
  • Players drive every element of war, from weapon manufacturing and base building to strategy and combat.
  • Emergent strategies and tactics make every part the war feel unique
  • Your presence stays active in the world even after you've gone offline

Foxhole is currently available through Steam Early Access for $19.99.

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