Edge of Eternity

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Midgar Studio
Release Date: 2020

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'Edge of Eternity' (ALL) Available On Steam Early Access - Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 5, 2018 @ 4:20 p.m. PST

Edge of Eternity is an RPG that will lead you to experience a unique and unusual universe, a world whose design combines futuristic influences, best Japanese RPGs influences and Medieval age influences.

The end of peace for the world of Heryon has come to the edge. An alien civilization has invaded the world to conquer everything, and enslave anyone that would step into their ways, spreading chaos and death through a virus that turns people and animals into metal monsters.

Daryon, the hero, is forced to leave after being haunted by his kind now turned into monsters. Left to the unknown, he decides to throws himself into a crusade of freedom and bravery, to save his world and discover his real origins. His devotion to the world of Heryon will lead him in an adventure he never expected.

200 years ago, a major event sealed the destiny of Heryon. The population and institutions were all sitting around the Crystals, elements that shaped the very deep roots of Heryon, such as the way to do war, the way they live and interact. Thanks to mutual understanding and dissuasion, the 3 continents forming Heryon kept peace in order for more than 80 years. But the time has changed.

What they used to consider as a blessing turned into a curse, and Crystals opened a breach to other worlds, turning peace into war and death. The crystals became dreadful weapons, greedily desired by every nations who fought to get them all, and when everything could have been different, the illusions and promises of power led the nation to abandon peace to throw themselves into death rage and horror.

18 774 GY (Galactic year) marked an important point, as a vessel coming from space did land in the harbor of Junor city. As the news spread quickly through the city, doubts and questions grew even faster as no one ever saw anyone coming out of the ship, which remained closed from the beginning to the end.

18 776 GY, as the city was starting to get used to the presence of this vessel, the most unexpected began. Taking off to the top of Junor, the vessel drastically destroyed the city and lands around. Not a warning neither a sign was to be understood.

Edge of Eternity launches into Early Access on Steam today.

The Early Access for Edge of Eternity is very much the first phase of the release, intended to bring the core community into the game’s development process as it grows towards the full launch. The Early Access will give players access to the first chapter of the game’s story, with free major updates expanding the game world, improving existing content and adding major new story chapters throughout the Early Access period.

What is in Edge of Eternity’s Early Access :

  • Main quest: introduction, tutorial, and a quest that will see you through most of the first available zone of the game - you will go places, walk the pavement of a majestic city, meet colourful character, and face many dangers.
  • Two fully playable characters, Daryon and Selene… and a couple of temporary party members
  • The first city of the game, Herelsor - which will act as your main quest hub for the Early Access
  • Six side-quests - with their own self-enclosed story-lines
  • Three types of procedurally-generated sidequests - two with their own short narration for added flavor
  • A Tactical Turn-based combat system
  • A character progression system through levels, crystals and equipment (your weapons will also level up)
  • The two first tiers of weapons and armors
  • Our in-house Mod Kit “The Eternal Forge” and an in-game Mod manager

What’s coming :

Every major update will comprise more content: new zones, new events, new quests, new monsters, new weapons, new skills.

The Plains of Solna - Late February 2019

This first major update will unlock a second part of the open world, which means a much larger playground. It will boast another city, “Old Herelsor.” Though humbler than the first, it nevertheless has it own bucolic charm and history.

The next step of the main quest will carry you at the confines of the Plains of Solna, where you will find a very peculiar farm, sheltering a very, very special creature.

The Reunion - Spring 2019

The second major update will open a third part of the open world, an entirely new biome, the next steps in the main quest where the heroes’ journey will take many unexpected turns, as well as a new dungeon.

The Man who survived the Corrosion - Summer 2019

The third major update will take you to a new, large city filled with quests (both main and side) - where the party will encounter a new party member with a tormented background.

Nothing but desolation and horror rained over the people of Junor, which was now forced to leave their native land, forming by now the Nomads of Junor.

Incomprehension and fear marked a decisive point in their history, and from this moment technology was prohibited.

Daryon and Salvia share a common burden: a jewel. A necklace made of Crystal and mechanic part, proof of technology. Something happened the first time they crossed their paths in the little village of Elon, and as they felt closer, destiny sealed their fates. Sentenced to death by the Consortium judge, under the law that prohibited the use of any form of technology, Daryon and Salvia suddenly realized their fates were to become one and only.

Although it was the first time they met, they suddenly felt bounded, and joined their forces to escape the Consortium. They began a journey together, both burned by the desire to understand the origins of the world and finally figure out why they had these necklaces, and why they could not be removed. Meanwhile, the situation on Heryon was getting worse as the days went by. The metal disease did spread on the Astryan continent and animals started to turn into hybrid mechanic monsters. Nobody seemed to realize how big the danger was. Until the world started to fall into the void of carnage. Will you set them alive? Save them. Save the world, the universe, your life, and discover your origins in an odyssey you have never seen before. Explore the world in a corrupted medieval atmosphere and discover the deep secrets of the space, to finally seal your destiny in death or endless hope.

Key Features:

  • An Enthralling JRPG Adventure: A unique, riveting story with numerous plot twists and heart-wrenching moments, supported by an epic soundtrack featuring industry legend Yasunori Mitsuda.
  • A Gorgeous World: Discover an alien world and its unique environments, unearth the most ancient secrets of the world of Heryon. Solve quests in multiple ways, make your own choices, and face their consequences
  • A Deep & Strategic Combat System: Outwit your enemies in epic tactical combats, use the environment to lure your enemies into devious traps, outsmart and outflank them to inflict massive damage! Craft your gear and inset it with powerful crystal to unlock unique combinations of skills and power-ups.
  • A Cast of Charismatic Characters: Meet a cast of larger-than-life companions, each with their own set of attributes, watch them grow and evolve throughout the story, as you live through it yourself. Discover their dreams, their flaws, their hopes and their torments as you share many special moments with them.

Edge of Eternity will be coming to PS4 & Xbox One, as well as PC

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