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September 2018

Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
Developer: OrbCreation
Release Date: Feb. 27, 2018

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'Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator' Gets Release Date

by Rainier on Feb. 21, 2018 @ 12:05 a.m. PST

New and experienced sailors alike are able to take to the high seas with Sailaway– the ultimate sailing simulator that brings the world's oceans to the comfort of your home.

OrbCreation has recreated the oceans of the planet with unparalleled accuracy with a detailed world map: In Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator, making a trip across the Pacific takes months, just as it would on a real boat. With a persistent online world, adjust your settings and your boat will continue to sail even if you aren’t online.  Receive updates via email as your boat continues its progress, but don't forget to check in often – with real-time weather data pulled from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) conditions can change in just a few hours.   

Choose from three types of ultra-detailed boats, a 38' Cruiser, a Mini-Transat or a 45' Classic Yacht – all accurately modeled with comprehensive controls and set a course for adventure. Featuring accurately modeled waves and water color based on your location (waves and wave behavior differs from ocean to ocean!), and accurately modeled day and night sky, Sailaway is the most advanced sailing simulator on the market. 

Every element that is involved on any voyage short or long is presented in handcrafted detail in Sailaway - from the real starry night sky to how wet or damp conditions will affect your boat and your journey. Captains and crew will need to raise sails, pull winches, set reefs, outhaul, downhaul, vang, backstay and more. With a range of difficulty settings, Sailaway allows for adjustments for even the most novice players to blossom into fully fledged sailors, while providing advanced features to challenge seasoned lifelong captains. 

The developers at Orbcreation also understand the world's oceans can be a lonely place, so they have designed an in-game real-time global, local and group chat which will allow you to communicate freely with other sailors to organize your own voyages or pass on sailing tips. These features also allow you to invite others onto your boat to help tackle the voyage ahead – and if you fancy some friendly competition, Sailaway includes options to create your own races with start/finish lines. Reign as master of the wind with online leaderboards and challenge one another for the top spot. 

The game's short run in Early Access allowed for major additions to be tested, balanced and tweaked before official launch. Orbcreation has implemented a variety of new boats including a Nordic Folkboat, a 50-foot Performance Cruiser and even a Catamaran. Captains are also now able to customize their boats and create their own liveries in Steam Workshop, share their location between players, utilize private group chat and persistent crew chat and track their success with Steam Achievements.

Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator will leave Early Access on February 27th and be available as digital download through Steam for $39.99.

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