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September 2018

Starfall Tactics

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Snowforged Entertainment

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'Starfall Tactics' Launches Open Beta Test

by Rainier on Feb. 21, 2018 @ 10:42 a.m. PST

Starfall Tactics is an Unreal Engine 4 powered free to download & play real time strategy/space combat game.

With Starfall Tactics, Snowforged Entertainment wants to marry the tactical combat seen in wargames with great visuals and an expansive universe populated by thousands of players -- a universe that you can explore and get lost in.

In a decaying, war-torn galaxy dominated by three rival factions, you can assemble your own spaceship flotilla and lead it into battle. Adapt to new challenges by customizing and decking out your ships. Evolve your tactics by unlocking new parts and finding rare ship modules. Dominate the battlefield and create a name for yourself among the stars.

Every ship in Starfall Tactics is fully customizable: Players can replace the weapons, engines, armor, shields, or add new modules like a Cloak System - or a Self Destruct mechanism! Gameplay is split between using fleets to conquer the galaxy or saving mankind from an impending alien threat. Players can team up with other players by taking ownership of different sectors, mining asteroids, or establishing outposts on faraway planets - in a prelude to mind-blowing, beautifully rendered space battles.

Starfall Tactics will be free to download and play, and it follows the Hearthstone model with booster packs as microtransactions . Booster packs are made of a number of different blueprints that can be used to craft almost anything in the game - from the hull of the ship down to individual engines. Each booster pack contains a set of randomly assorted blueprints, like new ship modules and even the occasional spaceship. There will be no pay-to-win. Sticking to CCG conventions will allow the developers to keep everything fair for everyone while considerably lowering the barrier to entry.

Snowforged Entertainment is working hard on their RTS MMO Starfall Tactics and is having a pre-beta test, as well as a PvP tournament with a live stream, scheduled to start on Feb. 21, 2018 through March 4, 2018.

Everyone is invited - all you need to start playing Starfall Tactics is to register at our website and download the game when the test starts!


The New Frontiers Open Test has just started! Hurry up to be the first who checks out all the great things Snowforged Team has prepared for you: new NPC faction, Rings system, PvP mode, ships, weapons, mining system, tasks, pirate fleets, detachments, recall system, ship model progression and more - read the full list of changes here. Open up the door to endless adventures and explore all the seven Rings of Starfall Tactics Galaxy!

No keys required - the test is open to everyone! To start playing Starfall Tactics follow these instructions:

  1. register on the official website
  2. Download Starfall Tactics launcher here.
  3. Install Launcher - it will download the game client. Remember, that the game is not available for x32 systems during tests.
  4. Push the "Play" button and start playing Starfall Tactics!
  5. Join in the discussion with other Commanders at our Forum and on Discord Channel

New to Starfall Tactics? Check this short guide out!

Key Features

  • Tactical combat: Battles can feature a variety of ships - from discreet frigates to deadly cruisers and heavy dreadnoughts.
  • In-depth customization: From the hull to the individual engines, everything is created using blueprints. Players can easily customize and outfit ships - adapting their tactics for a variety of situations. Every choice matters!
  • Epic combat: Balls-to-the-wall explosions, intense action, and stunning visuals delivered via Unreal Engine 4.
  • Galaxy conquest: Players can freely travel and explore the confines of known space. A variety of activities are available: from fending off pirates to trading, discovering new planets, and gathering intel on a new threat to humanity.
  • High stakes: Players can unite as a clan and take ownership of different sectors, mine rare types of asteroids, and establish outposts on various planets. Whether it’s territory, scarce resources, or the respect of others, the pressure is on. Players have something of real value to lose.

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