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August 2018

MLB The Show 18

Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Genre: Sports
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SCEA San Diego Studio
Release Date: March 27, 2018

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'MLB The Show 18' (PS4) Shows Off Some New Features, Expands Pre-Order Offer - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 5, 2018 @ 11:33 a.m. PST

Home runs, steals, and epic catches – get deep into the action and experience your favorite parts of baseball with MLB The Show 18.

With the most exciting and personal baseball gaming experience on console, The Show 18 delivers condensed, but authentic games in classic and current stadiums that may feel so real, you can smell the grass. 

MLB The Show 18 is bringing back Road to The Show, Diamond Dynasty, Battle Royale, Conquest, and Franchise Mode, and will have a major gameplay engine tune up among other features.

Experience the best of baseball in MLB The Show 18.

Get ready to smash it out of the park when MLB The Show 18 launches on March 27, 2018! The Standard Edition is MSRP $59.99 USD/79.99 CAD.

Baseball is a game of details. At its core there’s pitching, hitting, catching, throwing, and tagging. All of those areas of the game have received major development resources this year. Below are a few changes we’ve revealed in our trailer:

  • Expansion of Road to the Show
  • Dynamic crowds like Judge’s Chambers
  • New unique home run celebrations
  • Revamped hitting engine with improved physics
  • Rewritten player tagging system
  • Over 1,000 new gameplay animations
  • More legends

Some of these changes we get the most excited about are the unflashy ones under the hood, the ones that seem like little adjustments but can make huge strides in terms of authenticity.

We’ve got a lot more to discuss — updates to major modes and a new feature the community’s been demanding for years — and over the next 60 days we’ll tell you all you need to know.

When you pre-order, you will receive 10 additional Standard Packs and 1 Legend card for The Show 18 when you pick-up or download the game from any retailer. Pre-order at GameStop and receive an additional 5 Standard Packs and bring your total Standard Packs to 15. Lastly, if you pre-order at PS Store, you’ll get 5,000 stubs for MLB The Show 18 and instantly receive an exclusive Aaron Judge Rookie Flashback Card you can use right now in MLB The Show 17.

MLB The Show First Pitch Weekend

In addition to the pre-order items listed above, we’ve expanded early access to include Gamestop, PS Store, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy with our First Pitch Weekend in the US. For our Canadian fans, this offer is available at EB Games and Best Buy Canada. With this, you’ll be able to pick up or download your copy on March 23, up to four full days before the regular release on March 27.

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