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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Whale Rock Games
Release Date: April 10, 2018

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'Deployment' Gets Release Date - Trailer

by Rainier on March 21, 2018 @ 12:12 p.m. PDT

Deployment is a multiplayer online top-down shooter with unique area control mechanics.

An uncertain future. Cyberspace. War has broken out over valuable data belonging to megacorporations. Deployment is set in an abstract highly technological future, where powerful fractions fight for the only remaining resource - power.

After the Last War, civilization is on the brink of disappearing. However, and thanks to technology, the world is still running on autopilot… for now. Computers are keeping all critical systems running – and whoever controls these computers will rule the entire world. Factories, transportation grids, energy plants: every single critical system in the world is ruled by a computer connected to the Etherweb. What is left of the old governments and megacorporations are fighting to control these systems and take over the world. Infosoldiers, artificial intelligences made of pure information, fight this endless war. Deploy your troops and get ready for epic battles in Deployment

Time to DEPLOY! Take your friends and get ready for the epic battles in Deployment..

Choose a class and get ready for battle!

  • Trooper: A powerful unit with high-speed weaponry. He trusts nothing but his combat-tested rifles.
  • Pyro: A fast unit with light armor. He absorbs damage and transforms it into firepower.
  • Sniper: An accurate unit with high-tech bullets. He can become invisible and perform stealth kills.
  • Laser: high-tech class. He uses his abilities to steal the enemy's health.
  • RPG Gunner: An armored class. He fires powerful projectiles and is very useful in team play.

Unlock achievements to upgrade your classes. Climb the leaderboard with your friends and become the best player in the world!

Capture as many Systems as you can to seize the advantage on every part of the randomly-generated levels.

Key Featutres:

  • Fight intense battles in this thrilling competitive multiplayer top-down shooter
  • Navigate randomly-generated battlefields where every battle is unique
  • Challenge your friends or strangers over the Internet in free-for-all or team-based deathmatch in Multiplayer modes…
  • …or train your skills against AI bots in Single Player mode 
  • Choose between five classes with varied weapons, abilities and ultimate attacks 
  • Develop your classes and choose between different abilities and perks to suit your playstyle
  • Assemble a team and climb the leaderboards to become the best Infosoldiers Squad in the world
  • Capture System turrets to gain tactical advantages in an original room-control mechanic 

Deployment will be available on PC (Steam) starting April 10, 2018 for $12.99 / €12,99.

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