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Rocket Jockey

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Burn Ward Games

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'Rocket Jockey' Announced - Trailer

by Rainier on March 8, 2018 @ 12:27 a.m. PST

Rocket Jockey is a team-based vehicle sports game that lets you fly on top of modern jet engines with classic car chassis at break-neck speeds.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, Rocket Jockey brings back all of the chaos, surf guitar, and humor of Rocket Science Game's original 1996 cult classic.

This time the Rockets are dangerously fast, the physics are brutal, and your friends can join you in the chaos through online multiplayer or 4 player split-screen.

Ride powerful modern jet engines with looks inspired by classic car culture. Fly over ramps, ride up walls, cling to ceilings, and crash through waves. Your left and right Grappling Hooks enable you to swing around pillars to make the tightest turns and brutalize your opponents. Leave tripwires to clothesline pursuers. Pull heavy objects from the ground and fling them at your enemies. Yank unsuspecting Jockeys off their Rockets and string them up, or throw them into something painful.

"Rocket Jockey was ahead of its time. It was a game perfect for multiplayer in an age when online gaming was finding its footing with dial-up modems, serial cables and gaming networks. A victim of its circumstances, Rocket Science Games closed its doors after the release and subsequent patch in 1996. The mechanics and music resonated with gamers who played it though, and the cult following it garnered has been waiting 20+ years to play something like it again."

Rocket Jockey will feature three game modes :

  • Jockey Toss: Like Soccer, but the players are the ball. Damage and brutalize your opponents to make them worth more points, then fling them through the goal to score based on the damage. The more worn down they are, the easier it is to drag and throw them. Their pain is your gain.
  • Deathmatch: Death by a 1000 cuts doesn't apply here: after they're worn down, finish off your opponent with a slam or string them up. Not to worry, there have technically been no fatalities in an official match. Our Jockeys have access to the best healthcare and have signed liability waivers.
  • Race: Hands off the competition in this event. Make impossible turns at high speeds while dodging hazards and pulling off tricks to taunt the other Jockeys.

Surf Guitar isn't just the soundtrack to Rocket Jockey, it's at the heart of the sport.

The iconic “Woody” would drive down the Interstate, surf boards strapped to the top, friends in tow. Today, any festival having to do with surfing usually has a classic car show nearby. The rocket chassis designs are a tribute to these classic cars as surfing culture's influence runs through every aspect of the game. All of this wrapped up in a healthy dose of dark humor.

For the soundtrack Burn Ward Games are teaming up with surf guitar bands from Southern California, including the legendary father of surf guitar, Dick Dale.

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