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Warriors: Rise to Glory!

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Gavra Games
Release Date: Feb. 2, 2018

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'Warriors: Rise to Glory!' Early Access Update Adds Survival Mode

by Rainier on April 11, 2018 @ 9:46 a.m. PDT

Warriors: Rise to Glory! is a turn-based combat game with RPG elements where you are a fierce warrior in your path to glory.

You are a fierce warrior, summoned to a strange realm to fight for the amusement of a crazy tyrant. You must rise above all other fighters to win your freedom back – and get your revenge against the lunatic emperor Ayziz! Warriors: Rise to Glory is a turn-based combat game with RPG and roguelike elements –and lots of humor! Create your custom warrior and level up your skills, weapons and armors, so you can go from being an almost-naked, hopeless fighter, to become the best warrior in Indiekingdom!

The mad emperor Ayziz reigns in terror over the realm of Indiekingdom with an iron fist! Searching for the strongest warriors for his wicked amusement, Ayziz uses his dark powers to open a portal and teleport millions of warriors from different timelines and places around the multiverse. Arriving near butt-naked through the portal, with only a crusty cloth to cover their shame, these warriors are manipulated to believe that they must pay with blood, guts and glory their way back to their homeland.

You were a great chieftain not so long ago. You ruled with honor and justice. All that ended when the dark portal appeared in the sky and sucked you into Indiekingdom. Now, you must rise above every warrior to win your freedom back!

What will be of your home without you? Will you be able to get back? Will you be merciful or vengeful in your journey? Can Ayziz ever be stopped? Will you be able to wash this disgusting loincloth at some point? And why is this silly narrator asking you so many questions?

Find out in Warriors: Rise to Glory!

The mad Emperor Ayziz still rules the Indiekingdom. While you struggle to defeat him once and for all, why don't you go on a killing spree and see how long you can last in the arena?

Gavra Games is proud to announce that a new major update for Warriors: Rise to Glory releases today, with a new game mode as the most important new feature: a survival mode that will let players confront endless waves of enemies. And remember, the longer you last, the better the rewards you will get!

To celebrate the release of the update, the game goes on sale with a 15% discount for 8,49€ / 8.49$.

Here's a full list with all the new features implemented in this update:

  • New survival mode. Play against endless waves of enemies until you are out of juice. The more you survive, the greater the rewards are!
  • New mercy animation. Now, having mercy for your fallen opponent will have two different cut scenes (currently, randomly picked).
  • New "Battle Dice" mini game achievements.
  • New cosmetic elements to customize your warriors, including scars and new tattoos. 
  • Many overall improvements to gameplay.
  • Bug fixes and game optimizations.
Gavra Games expect the game to be on Steam Early Access for about 8 months, if there are no bumps down the road. During that time, Warriors: Rise to Glory! will receive constant updates with new content and features, including (but not limited to) new bosses, weapons, and armors, multiplayer modes, and a deeper single-player campaign. The goal of this Early Access campaign is to reach out to the Steam community so their feedback can help shaping and improving the game until it reaches its full potential.

You fight in turn-based gladiator duels and tournaments; you gain experience, level up your warrior to gain new skills, and loot and buy cool, crazy weapons and armors. But you are not an ordinary warrior, but a gladiator fighting for the amusement of the crowd: how you fight and what you do to please them will be of vital importance. Warriors: Rise to Glory adds RPG and roguelike elements to the mixture. Permadeath makes every combat meaningful: if you are defeated, you are dead for good, although your bloodline can inherit some of your skills and riches. And along the way you will find quests, people in need and decisions to take…

Key Features

  • Fight intense turn-based battles in spectacular arenas
  • Play against your friends in local multiplayer
  • Think fast: some battles are time-limited!
  • Decide the fate of your defeated opponents and earn rewards based on your decisions
  • Fight crazy bosses with unique powers that will test your tactical skills
  • Gain experience and level up your warrior with new combat skills
  • Loot cool weapons, legendary armors and hilarious honorific titles
  • Customize your warrior until he is as handsome as you!

Warriors: Rise to Glory! is currently available on Steam Early Access for $9.99.

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