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December 2018

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: SOEDESCO
Developer: Snowcastle Games
Release Date: 2017 (US), Jan. 27, 2017 (EU)

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'Earthlock: Festival of Magic' (ALL) PC Demo Available On Steam

by Rainier on April 24, 2018 @ 3:26 p.m. PDT

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a turn-based RPG inspired by early 3D RPG's bringing back many familiar features in a refreshing and rejuvenating new form, shown off in a hand drawn art-style.

Desert scavenger Amon finds himself in the adventure of his life when he crosses paths with a most peculiar creature back home in Zaber. Join Amon and  other remarkable heroes in this turn-based fantasy RPG, on an unforgettable journey across the world of Umbra.

What starts as a simple quest for desert-scavenger Amon, develops into a journey. Several unlikely heroes join forces to save Umbra, a beautiful but harsh world that mysteriously stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago. Players roam Umbra and get to know the cast of unique characters. At the same time they test their tactics in expansive turn-based fights. Combat-turns happen instantaneously with overlapping moves for fast, responsive battles.

The free demo, available now through the Earthlock Steam page, allows players to explore the beautiful surroundings of Umbra, a harsh planet that stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago.

“Since launching on Steam, we’ve had multiple request from the adventure RPG community to release an Earthlock demo,” said Bendik Stang, CEO at Snowcastle Games. “In the try before you buy demo, all progress that you have made in your two hour playthrough automatically transfers over to the full game. You’ll able to take off right where your demo finished.”

Key Features

  • Character Talent Tree: allows each player to customize their character to match their unique style of play.
  • Character Combat Pairing: pair characters to create a battle bond, that upgrade with new combat perks.
  • Harvesting: harvest spud and elemental plants, and craft these materials into useful combat ammunition and potions.
  • No random Combat Engagements: each enemy is visible in the world which allows the gamer to kite enemies, creating large battles and maximizing experience points.

Earthlock's main story offers more than 30 hours of gameplay. Exploring the world of Umbra and its inhabitants and completing side-quests offers many more hours of gaming fun.

Earthlock is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) for $29.99/ €24.99/ £23.99

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