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War Tech Fighters

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Publisher: Green Man Gaming
Developer: Drakkar Dev
Release Date: July 25, 2018

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'War Tech Fighters' Early Access Update Adds New Missions, Challenges, Weapons And Plenty More - Trailer

by Rainier on May 7, 2018 @ 7:25 a.m. PDT

War Tech Fighters is a rapid fire, mecha-in-space, action blockbuster game.

Fear comes from all angles, but when you’re placed in the seat of a state-of-the-art ballistic behemoth and forced to effortlessly slice through an oncoming enemy spaceship with your high intensity, energized lazer sword, fear comes at you fast.

Will you fight that fear? Will you revel in the new found power of your devastating automaton equipped with hundreds of upgradable parts and customization options? Will you dropkick the next spaceship that comes your way into oblivion or will you be on the receiving end of a bombarding barrage of ballistic missiles aimed squarely at your face? Will you let some amateur mech, built from the scrap pile, sucker punch you into orbit or will you tear them apart with the fury of a raging battle bot screaming to the astral heavens WTF JUST HAPPENED!!

Become your mecha and fully customize its appearance and loadout in some of the most over the top action this side of the galaxy in what could be described as the love child between Michael Bay and Evangelion. You’ll lead the assault on Zatros with fists of iron and lazer sword in hand, as you pilot your fully equipped, spaceship shredding War Tech, built to fight for the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares and reclaim your homeland.

Designed for mecha enthusiasts and fans of intense space combat action, War Tech Fighters early access launch will provide the chance for its robo-battling community to help balance the game’s deep upgrade system and flow of gameplay styles. War Tech Fighters brings mecha destroying fans the chance to play in all out action, stealth and puzzle sections while taking on single player missions, simulator challenges and survival arenas.

Traveling across the galaxy, the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares join forces to battle against the Zatros empire with the deadliest weapons ever built – War Techs. Taking space combat to a whole new level, War Techs are giant mechas that combine cold precision and state of the art technology to the battlefields of space.

War Tech Fighters is a space action game that combines the spectacular action of Japanese Anime with Hollywood Blockbusters. Configure, upgrade and customize your War Tech and dive into battle to fight back the Zatronian forces and save your Galaxy.

War Tech Fighters is getting its Supernova Update today, the last major update before it leaves Steam’s Early Access and moves to a full release. The update is filled with new content to further enhance the action-packed love letter to Western Blockbusters and Japanese Mecha Anime.

With the launch of the Supernova Update today, Drakkar Dev have delivered the penultimate step in their Early Access development. The final elements of the game will then be added and the game will be made ready for a full release, launch in Summer 2018.

"This is one of the biggest updates the game has received so far. Based on feedback from the community, we have added 5 new story missions, 4 new challenges, new Survival Arena and new weapons, components, performance enhancements and fixes," commented Manlio Greco, CEO of Drakkar Dev. "Once launched, we will turn our attention to completing the final elements of the game and ending our 12 month mission. To say we are excited is an understatement."

War Tech Fighters is available as Early Access on Steam Early Access, Green Man Gaming and Humble Store.

Here's a list of the new update content:


New Contents:
5 new story missions.
4 new challenges.
A new Survival Arena “Ice Cold”, with X10 points multiplier, for really hardcore War Tech pilots.
New Unique Set: “The Reaper” (unlocked for EA users)
New Special Project and WarTech Set:
Supernova, featuring a powerful new kind of weapon.
2 heads
2 torsos
2 arms
2 legs
New Swords:
New Shields:
New WarTech components:
17 Heads
16 Torsos
7 Arms
15 Legs
8 new Research Projects
6 new achievements

- All survival maps now give rewards every 3 waves (instead of 5)
- Materials reward from missions has been significantly increased allowing you more freedom when upgrading your War Tech.
- Every new game now starts with 500 materials instead of 100.
- Simulator Mission Replays now show the missions resume.
- Many tutorials have been enhanced with more accurate informations.
- All the story dialogs have been reviewed/checked (English version).
- Special War Tech components now show a description of their peculiarities.
- Tooltips have been added to many menu items to better describe their meaning (when using the mouse).
- Missiles precision has been improved.
- Gfx: new HBAO with color bleeding (just set Ambient Occlusion to max).
- Customization Colors has been re-ordered by hue.
- Dialog texts can now be shown all at once with a button press.
- Materials Bonus collecting range has been extended.
- Barracuda ships can now be targeted by missiles.

- Boost Mode trails now smoothly fade without clipping
- Fixed a camera clip glitch in low orbit missions
- Fixed a bug usually occurring during close combat, especially with the Challenge: Crusader III

Key Features:

  • Control A Fully Equipped War Tech - Destroy your enemies in long-range combat with guns and missiles, or get up close and personal with swords and shields.
  • Customization - Hundreds and thousands of combinations of mecha parts, weapons and colors to truly stand out on the battlefield.
  • Perks - Tailor your fighting style with perks included on swords and shields
  • Upgrades - Three base robot sets, each with specific bonuses, and over 150 upgradable robot parts.
  • Research & Development - Research new upgrade projects to enhance your War Tech, and develop weapons ranging from missile launchers to anti-matter cannons.
  • Level Up - Gain experience through combat to level up your War Tech pilot to gain improved attack/defence bonuses.
  • Intense Single Player Missions - Experience the first 12 missions of Captain Nathan Romanis’ battle across the galaxy.
  • Simulator Bridge - Train your War Tech by replaying missions, or take on special Challenges to gain experience and add-ons to improve your machine.
  • Survival Mode - Test yourself to the limit in an infinite survival mode arena, and walk away with special rewards.

War Tech Fighters is scheduled for launch summer 2018.

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