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October 2018

Bohemian Killing

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: IQ Publishing
Developer: The Moonwalls
Release Date: July 21, 2016

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'Bohemian Killing' Gets 4K Textures Update, Also Comes To Console - Screens

by Rainier on June 20, 2018 @ 5:04 a.m. PDT

Bohemian Killing is a narrative-driven courtroom drama, offering players almost unlimited possibilities of solving the lawsuit, thanks to the complete integration of gameplay and narrated story.

Bohemian Killing is a non-linear adventure game set in a 19th century steampunk France, based on the classic Phoenix Wright series and the first game of its kind created by a real-life lawyer. The player assumes the role of Alfred Ethon, a charismatic inventor of gypsy origin, who is brought to court and accused of murder.

At the very beginning of the questioning, Alfred Ethon…pleads not guilty of the crime he is accused of! In Bohemian Killing, everything depends on the player, who is given a chance to clear Ethan of all charges  despite his evident and undisputed guilt. The player can deny, lie, mislead, manipulate evidence, blame other people or look for mitigating circumstances. It is up to the player and their skills to solve this exceptionally complex and obscure case. Every decision can have irrevocable consequences; every decision brings you one step closer to the final judgment!

The main character of the game is played and dubbed by a world-class film and voice actor, Stephane Cornicard. Cornicard played in blockbusters such as “Spectre,” the most recent Bond film, or Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan”. His career as a voice actor is no less impressive and includes Syphon Filter, Primal, Metal Gear Solid, and the Dragon Age and Total War series.

With new 4k textures, an overhaul of the game’s lighting and a series of new graphics- and image effects, the game now offers additional resolution options, running in 2560x1440 and 3840x2160.

“Bohemian Killing is a unique gaming concept that puts the player at the centre stage of reliving a mysterious murder case, with vast freedom of decision that can completely alter the outcome”, says Stefan Layer, COO of Libredia. “Allowing this cinematic adventure to be experienced in 4k only adds to the ominous, gloomy atmosphere of the game.”

Currently available on PC and Mac, the updated graphics and textures are part of Libredia’s effort to prepare the game for its release on consoles, which the company is also announcing for later this year.

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