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October 2018

PC Building Simulator

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
Developer: Claudiu Kiss
Release Date: Fall 2017

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'PC Building Simulator' Early Access Update Adds Overclocking Features

by Rainier on June 21, 2018 @ 8:23 a.m. PDT

PC Building Simulator puts players in the shoes of a PC builder, working within a shop to create a fully functioning gaming PC.

PC Building Simulator puts you in charge of your very own PC Building and Repair shop, where you must complete challenges to build your reputation and progress through your PC Building career.

Experiment with a large array of detailed and accurately rendered components from motherboards to CPU's that respond just as they would in real life. Learn how to install these components, using tools such as thermal paste, cables and standoffs to prevent short circuits and breakdowns. Fully animated installations let the players see exactly where each part slots into the computer so you can learn to build your very own gaming PC in real life.

The game provides a tutorial system, which guides players step by step through the PC building process. Using detailed instructions, the simulator explains each component and function and allows players the freedom to preview their own creations and play independently when they feel they are able.

PC Building Simulator updated to V0.8.3 today and now includes the first iteration of the new overclocking features! This is one of the most requested features from fans and we're really excited to roll this update out today.

PC Building Simulator will also be 15% off from today as part of the Steam Summer Sale.

With this update PC builders will be able to overclock their creations by adjusting areas such as CPU clock speed, CPU voltage, RAM speed, RAM voltage, GPU clock speed, VRAM clock speed and more.

Just like in real-life the aim with overclocking is to push the performance of your hardware to the maximum while maintaining system stability and balancing the heat generated from doing so. Be careful how much you push your hardware, if you push things too far you can break your overclocked components!

We have added a new PC app based on OCCT that will allow you to run a short (yes, this is shorter than the 3DMark time!) stress test of your overclocked hardware so let you know if the system is stable or not.
Overclocking is unlocked for CPUs at level 6 and GPUs at level 13 in Career Mode or right away in Free Build mode.

  • CPU and RAM settings are adjusted in the Bios which can be access via holding the DEL or F2 while booting a PC.
  • Enabling XMP in the Bios for RAM will auto clock your RAM if you don’t want to manually set values.
  • GPU settings are adjusted via a new PC app called GPU Tuner.
    Pushing the CPU and RAM too far can result in the part breaking permanently. GPUs can not currently break.
  • Each purchased component has a variance in overclocking ability to simulate the silicon lottery.
  • Overclocked system stability issues can result in blue screens on a PC and CPUs will throttle back performance when overheating.

Hardware manufacturers such as MSI, CORSAIR, COOLER MASTER, EVGA, NZXT, ARCTIC, SILVERSTONE, RAIJINTEK, TEAM GROUP LTD and more have allowed true-to-life models of their products to be included. More partners will be added throughout the game’s early access period and beyond.  In addition to the hardware partners, PC Building Simulator have also teamed up with UL Benchmarks (formerly Futuremark) so players can benchmark their in-game systems using a simulation of 3DMark.

Key Features

  • Learn how to build high-end gaming PCs without purchasing costly parts or the risk of electric shocks!
  • We are in discussions with your favourite hardware partners to bring their components into the game so you can build the rig of your dreams.
  • Run a PC building and repair business and progress through the career mode. Fix customer’s PCs, perform upgrades and build rigs to strict specifications all while balancing your books and beating the competition!
  • The tutorial guides players step by step through the PC building process and uses detailed instructions to explain each component and its function.
  • Take part in challenges – build to specification, overclock your PC and more!

PC Building Simulator is currently available on Steam Early Access for £14.99/$19.99/€19.99.

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