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Dead Dozen

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Fntastic Studio
Release Date: 2018

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Further 'Dead Dozen' Development On Ice Due To Disappointing Sales

by Rainier on June 21, 2018 @ 10:30 a.m. PDT

Dead Dozen is a multiplayer action/horror game where you turn into a ghoul after your death as a human.

Loot, barricade and cooperate when you play as a Survivor or infiltrate, infect and eat your former human friends when you play as a Ghoul.

Previously, Fntastic studio worked on The Wild Eight, which they sold to their publisher.

Dear Friends,

We apologize for the lull that has been lately. It's time to take stock of the development of DEAD DOZEN. Because from today we stop supporting the game. Why? Let's look at the situation in detail.

Unfortunately, the budget ended by April 1. After that we made the Escape mode on our enthusiasm, which could not raise interest to the game.

Of course, we were not able to realize much of what we were planning. There are still small bugs and not enough content. But even if we stayed on the development of this project, we must admit that we could not solve the problem of low online in a short time without changing the core of the game. This could not be done either by Cliff Bleszinski or Paragon with their colossal resources and huge team.

We understand that someone will say “Ok, this is not my problem, I gave money so continue to develop”. We agree with that, but, as you know, human possibilities of existence without food are limited.

However, this is not the reason to give up and shut down the studio. We are not of the weak. Life in the coldest city of the planet made us strong and steadfast. We are going to rise again. After all, once we were able to create an incredible game The Wild Eight. We need to move on. We see our mission in inspiring many young people on their way to their dream, wherever they are born and whoever they are. And for us, game development is the most beloved thing in life.

DD servers on Unity will continue their work. In the future, we hope to return to the development of DEAD DOZEN and finish what we started with the redesigned gameplay.

As already said, at this stage it is necessary to go further and continue the work of the studio. And very soon we will announce our new game.

There will also be the following changes:
• DD Forum will become a section of Fntastic Forums. All premium users will keep their status on the whole forum.
• There will also be changes on our Discord server.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Ed from 
Fntastic Team

The game is played by two teams - Survivors and Ghouls. At the beginning of the round, among 12 players, one random player becomes a Ghoul Leader - the most dangerous Ghoul, whose goal is to hunt the Survivors and coordinate the actions of those who turned into Ghouls. Whether you fight for your life as a Survivor, or have already gone over to the side of the Ghoul Leader - you need to know your role:

Playing As A Survivor:

  • Every Survivor who died or was infected in combat becomes a Ghoul.
  • Victory conditions: Kill all Ghouls, bringing to zero the counter of their respawns, or hold out until the end of the game round timer.
  • No matter what, try to stay alive: Collect weapons, ammo and items to confront beastly enemies.
  • Use your brain while you still have it: Barricade doors and passages, move objects to construct obstacles and prevent Ghouls from getting closer.
  • Empower yourself: Access special items and utilize them to your advantage in combat.

Playing As A Ghoul

  • Each perished Ghoul respawns again, reducing the total number of respawns.
  • Victory conditions: Kill or infect all Survivors.
  • Accept your next incarnation: Infect and spread the panic among survivors.
  • Find new ways to achieve new goals: Destroy brittle walls and break the doors on your way.
  • Get the best from being undead: Gain the Blood Lust and apply the special abilities you have acquired.

Dead Dozen is currently available on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

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