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Pixel Game Maker MV

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Various Tools
Developer: Kadokawa Games
Release Date: Summer 2018

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'Pixel Game Maker MV' Comes To Steam Early Access Next Week

by Rainier on July 17, 2018 @ 6:07 a.m. PDT

Pixel Game Maker MV is a game creation software that lets you easily make your very own original action games, without any sort of programming skills or specialized knowledge whatsoever.

The action games you can create with Pixel Game Maker MV are limited only by your imagination.

The ability to use original materials and resources for character animations, background maps, sound, etc., allows you to create truly unique games.

In order to provide users with the best Pixel Game Maker MV possible, we plan to release it to Early Access from July 24th for the purpose of receiving valuable feedback and opinions from the community and implementing said feedback as we build the engine to completion.

Also, in an effort to reach as many users and receive as much feedback as possible, we will be holding a 20%-off sale for the first week of Early Access, during which you can pick up the title for only $69.99.

Here are just a couple of games that have been created on the software so far:

Bike Dash Excite!: This motorcycle racing game is an excellent example of what the Pixel Game Maker MV physics engine can do! Tame your wild and jacked-up bike to fly through the various stages and rub your awesome clear times in your opponents’ faces! 

Witch & 66 Mushrooms: An awesome Metroidvania-style game featuring beautiful animations and effects using the Pixel Game Maker MV particle function! Make use of a wide variety of weapons while traversing vast, sprawling stages in this exploration-style 2D action-adventure title.

With this software, you can use six tools to manage everything from map fields, backgrounds, characters, and items to BGM and SFX to help create beautiful, original games from a wide variety of elements.

  1. Tool 1: Resources - Prepare and arrange image assets required for your game: On top of basic game elements such as image assets and sound assets like BGM/voice files, this tool also allows you to manage and implement fonts, mp4 video files, gif animated images, and any other assets required for game creation.
  2. Tool 2: Tiles – Create “tiles” necessary for map field creation: This tool allows you to create tiles, which act as the building blocks for your game’s map fields. You can add animations and elaborate gimmicks to individual tiles and more.
  3. Tool 3: Objects – Provide characters and items with various gimmicks: This is a tool used for managing the various gimmicks and other behaviors assigned to the main characters, enemies, items, and other objects populating the map field. Use it to make objects roll down slopes, bounce off of springs, and perform all sorts of behaviors made possible with the physics engine – all without any programming whatsoever.
  4. Tool 4: Animation – Enliven and enrich your graphics: This tool is used to manage the various images and elaborate animations used for each object. Use it to add effect and particle animations to make your game even more colorful and beautiful. Combine multiple particles to create action games with rich and detailed graphics.
  5. Tool 5: Scenes – Build stages using tiles and objects: With this tool, you can use the tiles and objects you’ve prepared to build the actual stages used in your game. Here you can easily configure camera locations and movements, various physics-based behaviors, and more.
  6. Tool 6: Transition – Connect scenes to bring your games into shape: Use this tool to connect respective scenes and bring the game to its complete form. Connects flows, create transitions, and designate points to move from scene to scene.

You can use JavaScript to expand on and add to the pre-existing features. Master using these extended functions and add-ons to create even more complex and beautiful games!

Key Features:

  • For the first time ever in the Maker series, you can now incorporate physics into the games you create.
  • With Pixel Game Maker MV, you can create action games with multiplayer support for up to four players. Up to four players can compete against each other or engage in co-op play – it all depends on you!
  • Rotate, expand, and shrink entire screens and specific objects alike, and create particle animations with ease. All sorts of features are included, allowing you to add motion video to backgrounds and much, much more.
  • The game creation part of the game has been updated. The flow-style UI layout makes game creation easier and more fun than ever before!

Pixel Game Maker MV will be available summer 2018.

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