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Super Daryl Deluxe

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Dan & Gary Games
Release Date: 2018-04-10

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'Super Daryl Deluxe' (ALL) Is Testing Co-op Mode on PC, Later On Consoles

by Rainier on July 18, 2018 @ 9:33 a.m. PDT

Super Daryl Deluxe is a RPGvania with a brawler-style combat system and hand-drawn comic aesthetic.

Water Falls High School, of course, is a perfectly normal multidimensional high school. Its classrooms literally whisk students away to alternate worlds coinciding with their subjects, where kids can do anything from arguing the value of capitalism with Joseph Stalin in History to offering a fist bump to Oedipus in Literature. You know, just like every other school.

What’s not normal are the missing students, the locked down classrooms, and the shadowy principal that no one has actually seen. Not to mention something about a secret that nearly destroyed the world 40 years ago.

Enter Daryl Whitelaw, the poorly-postured mouth-breather who just wants to make friends that has found himself the unlikely hero of this story. With the aid of a self-help book, Daryl can attain more than 45 powers, from thrashing enemies with an axe three times his weight to cleaning their faces up with a mop. Abilities can be customized and upgraded, making for endless playstyles and combinations.

Super Daryl Deluxe will double the awkwardness of its protagonist today with a free co-op multiplayer update on PC via beta branch. Console version updates for Nintendo Switch and PS4 will follow later this year when the update is made live to all players on Steam.

Now Super Daryl Deluxe has twice the greasy mullet action and more terrible teenage awkwardness with the addition of a co-op multiplayer mode. Team up with another, bluer Daryl to get to the bottom of why WFHS students are suddenly disappearing. 

“I got kind of annoyed playing Super Daryl Deluxe by myself while Dan just watched, so I added in multiplayer,’” said Gary Porter, Gary of Dan & Gary Games. “Now Dan has to play too, but he always gets the crown. I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

The multiplayer update will be available for free to all Super Daryl Deluxe owners. Beta branch instructions are available on the Dan & Gary Games website. Players can discuss the co-op multiplayer update and provide feedback on the Super Daryl Deluxe Steam discussion forums or Discord server.

While he’s got combat covered, Daryl’s going to need some help making friends. Luckily, he can complete side quests to increase his social rank, gain new passive abilities, and be less of a hopeless mess. Daryl can piece together some sweet gear to beef himself up, but at the end of the day he’s still rocking his snazzy headband and mullet.

Fashion icon he’s not, but it’s up to Daryl to find out what’s happening at Water Falls High School and what connection it has to that mysterious something or another that happened four decades ago. You know, the one that almost destroyed the world. Yeah, that one.

Super Daryl Deluxe is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC for $19.99 USD/ €19.99.

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