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Edge Of Eternity

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Midgar Studio
Release Date: June 8, 2021

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'Edge of Eternity' (ALL) Heads To Gamescom, Details Combat & Weapons System - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 10, 2018 @ 5:08 p.m. PDT

Edge Of Eternity is an RPG that will lead you to experience a unique and unusual universe, a world whose design combines futuristic influences, best Japanese RPGs influences and Medieval age influences.

The end of peace for the world of Heryon has come to the edge. An alien civilization has invaded the world to conquer everything, and enslave anyone that would step into their ways, spreading chaos and death through a virus that turns people and animals into metal monsters.

Daryon, the hero, is forced to leave after being haunted by his kind now turned into monsters. Left to the unknown, he decides to throws himself into a crusade of freedom and bravery, to save his world and discover his real origins. His devotion to the world of Heryon will lead him in an adventure he never expected.

200 years ago, a major event sealed the destiny of Heryon. The population and institutions were all sitting around the Crystals, elements that shaped the very deep roots of Heryon, such as the way to do war, the way they live and interact. Thanks to mutual understanding and dissuasion, the 3 continents forming Heryon kept peace in order for more than 80 years. But the time has changed.

What they used to consider as a blessing turned into a curse, and Crystals opened a breach to other worlds, turning peace into war and death. The crystals became dreadful weapons, greedily desired by every nations who fought to get them all, and when everything could have been different, the illusions and promises of power led the nation to abandon peace to throw themselves into death rage and horror.

18 774 GY (Galactic year) marked an important point, as a vessel coming from space did land in the harbor of Junor city. As the news spread quickly through the city, doubts and questions grew even faster as no one ever saw anyone coming out of the ship, which remained closed from the beginning to the end.

18 776 GY, as the city was starting to get used to the presence of this vessel, the most unexpected began. Taking off to the top of Junor, the vessel drastically destroyed the city and lands around. Not a warning neither a sign was to be understood.

The combat system called Nexus Grid gets more and more precise, as we learn that the environment can affect the progress of a fight. Players can also dive even deeper into the colossal lore of the game with a focus on weapons and crystals customization.

The Derelict Temples

Some of your encounters in Edge of Eternity will take place in some strange ruins. There, the Nexus Grid will become even more important than in usual combat encounters - for these ruins will be full of strange devices, impediments and mortal dangers.

To survive these dangerous death-traps, you will have to use both your brains and brawn. Each of these special areas will pose a specific challenge that you will have to solve in order to progress...

... or to obtain some unique reward.

Traditional Weapons on Heryon

Edge of Eternity is a JRPG; of course weapons are a big deal! We want them customizable, we want them craftable, we want them full of unique effects and properties... and most of all, we want them AWESOME.

In this chapter we will take interest in their particular designs.

At the time of Edge of Eternity's events, the world of Heryon has been subject to many technological upheavals. Before the arrival of the dreaded Archelites, the Sanctorium was in the middle of a spectacular technological boom.

The people of Sanctorium had recently discovered how to manufacture tools capable of cutting magic crystals.

This was an unprecedented breakthrough. To perform magic and miracles, spell casters usually needed crystals to channel their powers. The problem was that natural crystals were often too big and too heavy for people to carry them around to practice their magic. Finding small natural crystals - small enough for a scrawny sorcerer to carry - was a very rare occurrence.

...Until the day the Sanctorium discovered how to cut and shape them.

When that feat happened, the world of Heryon went through an unprecedented technological leap. Sorcerers and practitioners of magic flourished, and researchers even began to experiment many things with magical equipment.

In particular, they discovered that they could socket weapons and outfit them with crystals to give them many magical properties. The implications of this discovery were ground-breaking and as a result, the Sanctorium sped up the extraction of crystals.

But there was a second, even more spectacular technological leap coming: the Archelites, and their own brand of mechanical technology.

For a few years after their arrival, the Archelites were - it seems - quite peaceful and benevolent, as they presented the people of Heryon with many technological gifts. It took them some years for to get acquainted with this new form of technology, but they ultimately adopted it.

When the war erupted between Heryon and the Archelites, people became wary of this new technology they came to rely on. They began to resent it and suspect it of carrying the source of the horrible blight that was plaguing Heryon : the Corrosion.

But the wheel of technological progress has gained too much momentum, and very few people were inclined to relinquish a progress they have grown accustomed to, even if it is a progress that might spell their ultimate doom.

But in the interim, before the rejection of Archelite's technology, many experiments were conducted on Heryon. Experiments aiming to combine Archelite technology and Heryon crystals.


So, we discussed earlier how people on Heryon could outfit their weapons with crystals to imbue them with many special effects. This is of course something the player will be able to do in the game.

Get weapons, customize them with crystals. Sounds logical enough.

Except there are rules to weapon customization: each weapon’s slot has its own properties, and each crystal has its own properties too.

In practice, it means that:

  • A weapon slot dictates: the kind of bonus the wielder of the weapon will get if he insets it with a crystal. It could be stat enhancement of several kind or custom effects that influence the weapon's associated skill.
  • A crystal dictates: the kind of spell or skill you can unlock if you put into a weapon slot, as well as some minor stat bonuses.

Another noteworthy rule is that you won't be able to fill up all the slots of your weapon - you will have to make choices at some point of the customization process. Each weapon's "Crystal Chart" branches into several possibilities. Thing is, when you come down a path, you lock some others.

As a consequence, it is impossible to "fill" a weapon up completely. You will have to make choices, and experiment with the many possibilities the weapon customization offers you. Will you keep this awesome crystal for the next weapon you might dig up later? Is this weapon *the one*, the one that will accompany you for the first half of the game? Should you try *this* combo instead of *that* one?


Choices, choices, choices... *CHOICES*!

(Don't fear, though, as this system is built in such a way that you will be able to experiment to your heart’s content without the fear of "botching" it.)


The Gamescom is coming soon!

This will be special, as we will be showcasing the game in its latest version. Many journalists will able to indulge into much deserved Currywurst-induced beta-testing sessions, under our own weary, anxious eyes.

.. And of course they will provide us with valuable feedback that will allow us to polish Edge of Eternity further and further.

Sad news is that we will be in the business area, mostly. So most of you guys won't be able to play it yet - well unless you successfully sneak into the business area.

Nothing but desolation and horror rained over the people of Junor, which was now forced to leave their native land, forming by now the Nomads of Junor.

Incomprehension and fear marked a decisive point in their history, and from this moment technology was prohibited.

Daryon and Salvia share a common burden: a jewel. A necklace made of Crystal and mechanic part, proof of technology. Something happened the first time they crossed their paths in the little village of Elon, and as they felt closer, destiny sealed their fates. Sentenced to death by the Consortium judge, under the law that prohibited the use of any form of technology, Daryon and Salvia suddenly realized their fates were to become one and only.

Although it was the first time they met, they suddenly felt bounded, and joined their forces to escape the Consortium. They began a journey together, both burned by the desire to understand the origins of the world and finally figure out why they had these necklaces, and why they could not be removed. Meanwhile, the situation on Heryon was getting worse as the days went by. The metal disease did spread on the Astryan continent and animals started to turn into hybrid mechanic monsters. Nobody seemed to realize how big the danger was. Until the world started to fall into the void of carnage. Will you set them alive? Save them. Save the world, the universe, your life, and discover your origins in an odyssey you have never seen before. Explore the world in a corrupted medieval atmosphere and discover the deep secrets of the space, to finally seal your destiny in death or endless hope.

Key Features:

  • Active Time Battle combat system: Defeat your enemies in strategic fights powered by an ATB inspired by the best J-RPG, mixing real-time and turn-based gameplay.
  • Evolving Weapons: Unique weapon progression system based on item leveling and a special crystal enhancement skilltree with mutiple branches. Make crucial choices and get customized weapons for your style.
  • Fantasy Open World: Begin your journey in the surprising lands of planet Heryon. From hidden caverns to grassy plains, from ancient cities to dark spaceships, explore freely a vast gaming playground.
  • Choose Your Destiny in an Exciting Story: Live a rich and stirring adventure driven by the choices you make along the branching storyline and many sub-quests.

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