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July 2019

My Memory of Us

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Juggler Games
Release Date: Jan. 24, 2019

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'My Memory of Us' (ALL) Also Comes to Nintendo Switch

by Rainier on Aug. 15, 2018 @ 7:50 p.m. PDT

My Memory of Us is a story about two young friends who are fighting for survival and their friendship during times of war.

Not just any old story, but a story about real people in real events from a history that we’d sooner forget than remember; but remembering these events is the only way to pay homage to heroes and victims of the Nazi occupation of Europe.

My Memory of Us, is a puzzle-based, side-scrolling game of hope and heroism in the face of absolute terror. It begins in The City - a place inspired by the pre-Second World War Warsaw, where a young boy and girl from two different worlds come together to be kids, free to play and enjoy life.  War breaks out, the Evil King plunders the city, and his robot-soldiers separate citizens. Some are marked for being different, forced to move from their homes and live in a place sealed off from the rest of the city by a huge wall. Times of terror, pain, and exclusion in a world where people were forced to live in two artificially detached worlds. The young boy and girl’s friendship is the bond that may allow them to stay together, even though fate wants to tear them apart.

Yesterday's announcement that Patrick Stewart is narrating My Memory of Us was accompagnied by a new trailer focusing on the voice over work, but at the very end developer Juggler Games & publishers IMGN.PRO/Crunching Koalas snuck in a quick reveal that the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch, in Q4 2018.

Key Features:

  • A moving story about friendship and love in dangerous times       
  • Beautiful, sketch-like graphics inspired by naïve art
  • Pair mechanics: take control of two separate? characters with different skills and abilities, or control them as a pair
  • A grotesque tale mixed with bittersweet humor  
  • The events shown in the game are based on actual stories from war  
  • A dialogue system built around the language of symbolic pictures  
  • Various logical puzzles in 2.5D  
  • A story that offers deeper meaning, set in historical realities

My Memory of Us will launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox on October 9, 2018, with a Switch version scheduled for Q4 2018.

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