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Knights Of Light

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Rumbling Games Studio

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'Knights Of Light' (ALL) Kickstarter Campaign Failed, Comes To Early Access Across All Platforms

by Rainier on Sept. 20, 2018 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Knights Of Light is an open world 3rd person action adventure game during the medieval era.

This action adventure role playing game is set in the medieval era and based on actual historical events that was never introduced before. The story revolves mainly around the climatic battles between the Sassanian empire and the Arab forces in the land of Iraq.

The game will feature several playable side characters and one main character as the champion. The main characters and bosses will be based on actual historical individuals. The game design lead was one of the contributors in the first game of the assassin's creed franchise. He is greatly inspired by the witcher franchise and analyzed its story choices and outcomes with attention to every small details.

Despite being a medieval based game but the game will feature a hidden fantasy path in the campaign that the player can tap into. According to the studio the game will contain about 60 playing hours along with two estimated expansions

Details are still scarce but you will be able to level up your character, fight alongside others in your group, wield a variety of weapons depending on the situation you are in, and ride various mounts.

Back in July, Rumbling Games Studio launched a a kickstarter campaign for Knights Of Light but with only a few days left the game has barely managed to raise 10% of its $116,743 goal.

As such the developers have conceded their crowd funding effort for now and plan on releasing Knights Of Light through early access on PC (Steam) as well as Xbox One and PS4.

Greetings our dear backers and followers,

First we would love to thank everyone of you for your kind support. Your encouragement and belief in our studio really meant a lot.

Despite our campaign failure we are happy to inform you that Knights of Light will see the light after all.

As we have mentioned before we had our backup plans just in case the campaign fails. So currently we have decided to launch Knights of Light through Steam early access. Also for console gamers the game will be available on both Xbox preview and PlayStation paid alpha.

Currently we are planning for our budget and resources for developing the first episode. We will announce it soon through our channel and social media outlets.

Also to keep you and all our fans engaged with our project we planned to release a development diary on our YouTube channel. This way our community can feed us back on our progress on the game before release on steam.

Knights Of Light's game world is supposed to represent the land of Iraq in the seventh century with a huge size of 400 kilometers. The video overviews the landscapes of Iraq which are a beautiful mix between deserts and forests along with Kurdistan snowy heights. Some of the artistic Sassanian art like the temples and gardens were demonstrated in this video as well.

To be as authentic as possible the studio hired a professional writer who issued two successful medieval novels before. The writer noted his interest in adding depth to the main story with the side quests and player choices affecting the world around him.

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