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A Giant Problem

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Critical Charm
Release Date: Q2 2019

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'A Giant Problem' Announced, Comes to Early Access Soon

by Rainier on Jan. 10, 2019 @ 9:18 a.m. PST

A Giant Problem is a first person virtual reality simulator putting the player in the very big shoes of a giant tasked with defending their home.

Things are not right. Things are not easy. And now it’s time to pay your taxes. Only this year the King’s troops want everything your village has, not just the gold. You’ve got a giant problem.

Are you big enough to stand up to them? Of course you are! You’re a freaking giant! Step in to save your town with all the might someone of your size can bring to bear.

In A Giant Problem you’ll fight tooth and nail, okay maybe not tooth, but with their hands and anything they can get them on to fend off the invading forces. Players will marshal their village to stand up for themselves and man the walls in defense. As a giant they’ll sling magic missiles, toss rolling rocks and lob large logs at the oncoming hordes while trying to repair their defenses and protect their own treasures!

Key Features:

  • Smash, bash and mash your enemies with your mighty fists! Or Make use of the buildings and objects around you to fend off the hordes sent by the king!
  • Lead from the front! Command the people of your village to mount a valiant defense. Direct counter-attacks or toss your warriors directly into the fray!
  • Man the wall! It’s once more unto the breach, only you’re there to stop everyone. Repair your village’s defenses and place troops to hold the line!
  • Utilize the elements! Fire, Lightning, Glue?! Combine the properties and powers of magic with your giant might in surprising ways to protect your treasures!
  • Emerge victorious! Keep your villagers alive, protect your gold and hold your ground and you might just defeat the King’s forces!

A Giant Problem is set to be released into Early Access on Steam in Q1 2019 and will be available for purchase there as well as, the Oculus store, VivePort, and elsewhere in Q2 2019. A Giant Problem requires at a minimum a Windows Mixed Reality headset and motion controllers, it is designed to be played on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well.

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