Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Developer: Ace Maddox

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'Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China' (ALL) Celebrates One-Year On Xbox One Anniversary With 50% Off

by Rainier on Jan. 11, 2019 @ 7:24 a.m. PST

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is a historical air-combat action game to re-create air-battles of American pilots secretly flying combat for China in World War 2.

Get ready to swoop the skies of Southeast Asia as Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China  reawakens a diverse set of historical WW2 air-battles, including the Japanese Christmas-raids on Rangoon in 1941, the Flying Tigers’ first combat over Kunming in China, the Battle of the Salween Gorge, “Hump” escort missions over the Himalayas, the Invasion of Malaya, and the Japanese conquest of Burma, to name a few.

Secretly recruited under President Roosevelt’s authority in 1941, the Flying Tigers were officially known as the "American Volunteer Group”. The clandestine unit was commanded by Claire Lee Chennault, a resigned US military-aviator who had been advising the Chinese Air Force since 1937.

To celebrate the  Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (FTSOC) launch on the Xbox Store one year ago (January 12th in 2018), Ace Maddox is pleased to announce that effective immediately, FTSOC is half the price for two weeks -- starting today!

Aspiring FTSOC pilots have clocked up an impressive 78,750 flight hours (on Xbox One) since release, which translates to 9 years in the skies! Unfortunately we don't know how many barrel rounds have been fired during online and offline dogfights in the same period, but it's likely in the tens of millions! 

FTSOC is normally priced at $18.99 USD in North America (save $9.50), £14.99 in the UK (save £7.60), and €18.99 EUR in mainland Europe (save €9.50).

Key Features:

  • RARELY DEPICTED AIR-BATTLES OF WORLD WAR 2: Action-packed single-player campaign recreates the clandestine operations of the American Volunteer Group in fighter, bomber, gunner, reconnaissance, torpedo, and night missions.
  • APPROACHABLE TAKE ON AIR-COMBAT: Features TrazerTime™ slow-motion firing, arcade-like combat maneuvers, sim-style pitch & roll controls, moody weathers (including thunderous monsoons, beautiful sunsets, and misty dawns), 20+ Allied and Japanese planes, and more!
  • MULTIPLAYER FOR 2-16 PLAYERS: Xbox One leaderboards eternalize players’ online rankings across five battle modes! Coordinate devastating air-attacks in TEAM DOGFIGHT while providing cover for your comrades, outdo all enemies using powerful rocket weaponry in ROCKET BATTLE VS, or take to the skies and “Capture the Flag” in the FLAGBUSTERS mode.
  • FLY IN COCKPIT OR THIRD-PERSON MODE: Soar through the skies of Southeast Asia in third-person or cockpit view in a variety of American, British, Russian/Chinese, and Japanese aircraft.
  • STRIKING RENDITION OF THE FAR EAST: Faithful environments, beautiful graphics, booming sound effects and an epic-orchestral soundtrack create a lasting impression of the China-Burma-India theatre.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is currently available on Xbox One and PC (Steam).

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