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Arc of Alchemist

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Idea Factory International
Release Date: Jan. 30, 2020 (US), Jan. 31, 2020 (EU)

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'Arc of Alchemist' (ALL) Introduces Seamless Real-Time Battles - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 14, 2019 @ 12:27 a.m. PST

Arc of Alchemist is an RPG where you Search through an endless desert in hopes to save the future of mankind...

Enter the desert in search of the key to save humanity the Great Power. One year, the king declared that he would send a large scale investigation team to the Desert of Beginnings.

Chosen to captain this mission, Quinn Bravesford leads her soldiers into battle against a swath of enemy nations for the sake of her kingdom. Quinn gazes at the ancient alchemic device, the Lunagear , within her hand. According to the legends of yore, once the Lunagear is equipped with the four Orbs, it will unlock the Great Power that will save humanity. Only one Orb resides in Quinn's Lunagear . Collecting the four Orbs for the Lunagear , however, is a mere legend.

With the threat of dangerous creatures and Machine Dolls wandering the desert, one of the enemy nations, the Principality of Neuhaven , has dispatched their military in search of the Great Power. Now, Quinn and her band of allies must fight against the Principality of Neuhaven in hopes to find the Great Power and save humanity. Quinn steels herself, but even so, she can't help but doubt the existence of the Great Power…

The North American and European releases for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 include updated system features and the ability to choose and play between 7+ possible characters.

Seamlessly enter the heat of battle!

Within the game, if you run into an enemy while exploring, you'll automatically enter battle mode. The player will control Quinn, and utilize previously-set "Actions" to engage with enemies. Use two different "Actions", depending on which weapon is equipped by Quinn. Experiment with your own combat style.

Strategize battle formations by commanding your allies!

Fight with a party of up to 3 members in-game, who can perform actions automatically with pre-assigned commands given prior to battle. Select your orders, and learn each of your allies' skills to determine the right tactics and catch your enemies off-guard. Assign orders to your allies in the menu screen, as well as actions and formations.

Develop your very own battle style, and fight freely!

Construct your own battle-style by mastering the various combat elements, such as keeping your formation while firing projectile-based magic, or attack with a relentless offense!

Gain control of the four elements in order to best your enemies.

The Lunagear is a special device assembled with ancient technology. Only Quinn is capable of using it, and by incorporating "Orbs", its wearer can control the elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. The Lunagear corresponds with whichever Orb is equipped. With the Fire Orb, you can summon fire to damage enemies; with the Earth Orb, a slab of rock to form a barrier against damage. Access the orbs to harness different elemental powers. By equipping different orbs into the Lunagear, you can combine any of the four elements to deal even stronger attacks.

The battle system is simple to learn, yet difficult to master! Utilize a variety of tactics, combining Actions, weapons, cooperation with allies, and elemental attacks with the Lunagear. The player determines their own combat style. Customize battle how you see fit to conquer the machine-riddled desert.

Key Features:

  • Newly Polished and Ready for Battle: In the Western release, players can explore the Desert of Beginnings with updated system UIs and new base facilities for better character leveling. With this update, players can now choose from 7+ playable characters, each specializing in unique weapons, attacks, and abilities!
  • Four Orbs to Rule Them All: Wielding the Lunagear allows players to combine two of the four elemental Orbs: Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. Use the Lunagear to combine the elements and manipulate organic and mechanical environments to open new pathways and reach new heights, and even combine two Orbs to create special effects!
  • Build a Strong Base and Conquer: The Base is an oasis for the party to relax and reconfigure themselves for the next fight. Strategize the next plan of attack by customizing troop formations and setting each character’s battle tactics. Swap Orbs in your Lunagear to find a combination best suited for your next adventure. Swap, upgrade, and alter each character’s equipment tailored to your playing style. Assign active and passive abilities, boost character stats, and build facilities that will help improve your party’s makeup!
  • Amass Items and Exchange: Around every sand dune lies a multitude of treasures. Seek out items that can be used to equip and strengthen your party or exchange materials goods to alter a weapon’s appearance. Some weapons can only be forged with special materials, so be wary of what you sell!

Arc of Alchemist will arrive digitally in North America on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 early 2020! The game will be available in Europe digitally for the Nintendo Switch, and the PS4 version will have a physical and digital release.

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