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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: IumTec
Release Date: 2020

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'Protocore' Closed Alpha Tests Next Week - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2019 @ 7:44 a.m. PST

Protocore is a 1-4 player co-op first person shooter where you have to face an adaptive artificial intelligence that is learning from your actions.

Protocore, when Doom meets Machine Learning.

The bad news : you’re lost in a massive spaceship, your memory’s gone and there’s an army of robots that wants you dead. The good news? You have guns. Lots of guns. So lock and load and get your memories back, one bullet at a time.

Imagine that your soul is trapped in a robotic body. To free yourself you will have to face hundreds of robots controlled by Nemesis, who is trying to understand the supernatural nature of your creator by torturing him in the most secured quarter of a planet-sized spaceship. What choice will you make? Saving the one who made you alive or let an inhuman being learn untold secrets by inhuman methods but for the sake of all humankind?

During the game, you will have to pass through the halls and levels of a massive ship that drifts somewhere on the outskirts of the farthest known galaxies. Between waves of enemies, you will be able to acquire and create new weapons and develop new skills in the development tree. But every action you take will also have its own reflection and your enemies will also develop! At any time during the game, a friend will be able to join you and together you will be able to go through the next phases of the game. Protocore gives you a lot of room to show off - you can combine your skills and weapons yourself - after all, you can use two at the same time!

Protocore closed alpha tests start on December 9, 2019!

Interested fans can try there luck with use Keymailer, Woovit, Indieboost.

"What differs Protocore from other doom-like FPS are the enemies. Your main opponent knows you well and he will adapt themself and regularly acquire new abilities that will change the course of the game based on your actions. We also love the crafting system in this game and the possibilities of complementing weapons which gives amazing firepower and a lot of fun!” said Thiebaut Dieterich, CEO.

Don't wait to be minded-out by your Nemesis, face the machine now!

The next step of the FPS is Protocore.

Key Features

  • Adaptive AI - Be smart! The AI controls difficulty by changing the rules according to your actions! Die and retry - Face deadly adversity with specific patterns that will require more than one attempt to overcome!
  • Speedrun - Surpass yourself and others by scoring the highest while clock is ticking!
  • Solo & Co-op - Play with up to 3 friends if you can’t dig it alone!
  • Moddable - Create your own experience! Protocore has been developed with modding in mind.
  • Craft Your Own Play-style - Make your own and unique classe! Choose between a lot of weapons, skills and perks for 10^42 possibilities.
  • Story Mode - Play the non linear campaign mode, fight daunting bosses and find out the secrets beyond Protocore.

Protocore comes to PC (Steam) in 2020.

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