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Assault Android Cactus

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, WiiU
Genre: Action
Developer: Witch Beam
Release Date: March 8, 2019

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'Assault Android Cactus' (ALL) Comes To Switch With New Content - Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 20, 2019 @ 4:42 p.m. PST

Set in a vivid sci-fi universe, Assault Android Cactus is an arcade style twin-stick shooter that requires players to be ready for anything, with dynamic levels that continuously introduce new elements.

Players traverse environments that contract, expand and fall out from beneath their feet while fighting waves of enemies that leap, climb and tumble relentlessly into the action.

To survive the evolving landscape, players must think fast and keep a hailstorm of bullets flying with one of eight playable androids, each with their own unique primary and secondary weapons. Players can save the galaxy in single-player or team up with friends in four-player local co-op, supported across every game mode by scaling the intensity to match the number of players. 

Assault Android Cactus gameplay is influenced by classic arcade shoot 'em ups and the gorgeous art style takes inspiration from the colorful visuals of the Dreamcast era. The three industry veterans at Witch Beam also draw upon their individual experiences working on titles as diverse as: L.A. Noire, Alien Isolation, Need for Speed and Hand of Fate

Assault Android Cactus+ is an enhanced edition of the acclaimed twin-stick shooter, bringing everything Cactus is known for to the Switch including the vibrant roster of playable characters with unique loadouts, transforming stages, and smooth 60 frames-per-second mayhem. This edition adds new character costumes, aim assist options and Campaign+, a completely reimagined version of the 25-stage campaign.

Campaign+ caters to experienced players by rebuilding each stage with new enemy waves and dynamic elements, utilizing the game's full arsenal of enemies for new encounters and amped-up boss fights. Veterans and newcomers alike will be able to go deeper than ever before and have even more online leaderboards to conquer.

Thanks to the Switch, Cactus+ is not only playable on the go, but single Joy-Con support makes it a snap to play co-op anywhere. With aim assist, players focus on dodging, shooting and managing weapons, retaining the heart of the experience even without twin joysticks. Aim assist also works with dual Joy-Con and Pro Controllers making it ideal for players learning the ropes or anyone wanting to give their thumb a rest. It's the perfect equalizer for gathering friends for up to 4-player couch co-op.

Boss Rush and Infinity Drive give determined players even more action, while Daily Drive gives them one shot at setting a worldwide high score in a newly generated level. Developer Commentary, Jukebox, and Sound Test modes are joined by a new Movie Gallery for revisiting cinematics. Unlock new costumes for all nine Androids and earn credits to enable EX options like first person mode, AI players and the newly re-balanced MEGA Weapons that are more destructive than ever.

"We're proud of what we achieved with Assault Android Cactus Plus," says Tim Dawson, director, Witch Beam. "Campaign+ is our love letter to hardcore genre fans and aim assist is making our game even more accessible. More people are going to be able to get more out of it."

Assault Android Cactus+ will release on Nintendo Switch on March 8 for $19.99 and can be pre-purchased now with a 25% discount for $14.99.

Key Features

  • Multiple playable androids with unique weapon set and play styles.
  • Dynamic stages change conditions and rearrange themselves during play.
  • Heart pounding soundtrack that dynamically shifts based on your performance.
  • Giant robot bosses that unleash bullet hell and stage covering special attacks.
  • Up to four player local co-op, supports mouse and keyboard and joypad.

Currently available on vita, PS4, PC, Mac and Linux, Assault Android Cactus will release on Nintendo Switch on March 8 for $19.99.

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