Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: BigBro Games

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'Burndown' Available On Steam Early Access - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 7, 2019 @ 7:56 a.m. PST

Burndown is a post-apocalyptic vehicular combat action without compromise where you pick your death car, get to the track, and pancake everyone who gets in your way.

Burndown (previosly called Car Battle Royale) is a multiplayer vehicular action set in a post-apocalyptic world that knows no humanity. People send the brave hearts or the whack jobs to vehicular arenas just for the fun of it. Only one can win and survive in a vicious fight. Others would find a thousand and one ways to die. We dare you to be the grooviest driver and shooter! Pick your car, get to the death track, and pancake everyone who gets in your way. Do away with all your opponents on the arena or track and taste the sweet and heady nectar of victory!

There can be only one!

Prepare to take part in crazy battles, have tons of fun, and fight only real players! That's right, there isn't a single bot in this game!

This arcade Battle Royale is meant for players, who hate long hours of leveling up their driving and shooting skills. The game mechanics are as simple as they can be. All you need to do is quickly find a weapon and smash the enemy! Only one will win the uncompromising battle. The others will find a thousand and one ways to die. Become the craziest racer and shooter! Pick a vehicle and join the race of death.


You can play the game in two basic modes, each with their own rules, ranks, and ratings.

  1. Battle Royale aka Hunger Games: pick a car, spawn on the arena on a spot of your choice, collect weapons and gear, avoid traps, and look out—the play area is shrinking by the minute! There's only one simple rule: kill them all and survive till the end of the match.
  2. Death Race: jump in a race with no rules! Finish first and take down your opponents along the way.

Early Access Features:

  • A detailed game universe, where violent survival games are a public standard of this post-apocalypse society.
  • Two different game modes: Battle Royale, Death Race
  • Uber-cool cars, each with a distinctive temper
  • Genuine post-apocalypse environment: missile launchers, machine guns, and, of course, fire throwers.
  • Simple intuitive controls.
  • Soundtrack and sound effects, tailor-made for the game.

Do you know the taste of victory?

Burndown is targeting a Dec. 2019 release date.

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