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Ashes of Oahu

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Wyrmbyte
Release Date: Aug. 29, 2019

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'Nightmarchers' Now Called 'Ashes of Oahu' And Scheduled For Spring Release - Trailer

by Rainier on March 13, 2019 @ 9:18 a.m. PDT

Ashes of Oahu is an open world, post-apocalyptic RPG shooter where you tap into the power of the spirit world to liberate the Hawaiian island of Oahu from the army that occupies it.

Built using the Unreal 4 Engine,  Ashes of Oahu  combines innovative action with faction-based gameplay, inviting players to discover the secrets of Hawaii’s mystical past while uncovering and exploring a full-scale authentic representation of 500 square miles of game world terrain – from discovering special powers and abilities of the Hawaiian gods, to choosing skills and weapons, and remaking the island in their own way, all while watching out for the powerful Nightmarchers who protect the island.

In Ashes of Oahu, players must fight for survival and learn to tap into the power of the spirit world to become a demigod and help liberate Oahu from the army that has taken its control.

As you explore the apocalyptic paradise of Oahu, you will come upon various areas of settlement. Some will be overrun by Kamapua'a raiders, while others will be run by the various factions that have taken footing. But it's the Pig God's raiders that can be the most dangerous, and it's Kai's job to clear them out.

Who knows? If you manage to restore these pockets of Oahu to their natural or peaceful states, you just might be rewarded by the gods for fighting the good fight.

With over 75,000 lines of dialog leading to over 100 possible ending combinations, player choice makes each story unique. Along the way, players will unlock over 50 different skills and weapon enhancements based on these decisions helping to shape their gameplay experience.

Wyrmbyte is excited to announce that Ashes of Oahu, formerly known as Nightmarchers, is headed for an Spring 2019 release.

“Ashes of Oahu tells the fictitious story of a Native Hawaiian Kai, as he fights to regain control of Oahu working with or against the different factions on the island.”, said Scott Brown, CEO of Wyrmbyte and Producer on Ashes of Oahu. “Our team of less than ten put together this epic Hawaiian adventure, and we’re ecstatic to finally be this close to letting you all experience the tale.”

Some of the new and updated features of Ashes of Oahu include:

  • Four distinct factions to work for...or against!
  • Over 75,000 lines create a massive and engaging narrative
  • Choices truly matter and can lead to any one of over 100 different endings!
  • Guns take on new and amazing powers thanks to the Magical Weapon Mod System
  • Play your way by unlocking 50+ skills and abilities
  • Inspired by native Hawaiian stories, traditions, and beliefs but with a unique fictional twist that brings in ghosts, raiders, and gods
  • 25 sq/km of beautiful locations throughout Oahu, Hawaii

In the months since Wyrmbyte’s open world, post-apocalyptic RPG shooter hybrid was originally announced, the developers have been hard at work revamping the game to provide the best possible open world adventure for players. Wyrmbyte has taken feedback from native Hawaiians to heart, and the name change to Ashes of Oahu and the removal of any real gods names from the game ensures that the developer offers a faithful but respectful Hawaiian experience.

When the game launches in the Spring of 2019, players will find a completely retooled art style that is more akin to a 3D comic book that better represents the fictional nature of the story. Additionally, the world has become more dense and compact, while still remaining massive at roughly 25 square kilometers in size. More content, more weapons, more stories to experience. Plus, the team has been hard at work on all-new character models and many other graphical improvements.

Key Features:

  • Play Your Way: The open world 3rd person action-adventure game features RPG elements and presents players with a “play your way” experience, whether that be by stealth, sniper, guns blazing or a powerful spells encounter. Players ultimately decide how they will fight and which factions they will support or take out as they rebuild Oahu.
  • Mystical Lore: Players can uncover the secrets of Hawaii’s mystical past as Kai, who was newly resurrected by the gods of Oahu to save the island from the tyranny of Kama and his cult of the corrupt god, Kamapua’a, while watching out for the powerful Nightmarchers who protect the island.
  • Authentic Oahu & Environments: From myths and legends to landmarks and stories known only by locals, the world of Nightmarchers presents an authentic depiction of the island, right down to the full-scale representation of the terrain within the game world. With 500 square miles to explore, the game features beautiful ruins overgrown and reclaimed by 100 years of resurgent jungle in a post-apocalyptic Oahu.
  • Skills & Abilities: Players can discover and unlock more than 40 skills in the game, including the supernatural Akua (God) abilities like phase, portal, void sense, bullet bend and more. 
  • Base-Building: With more than 50 outposts, villages and locations to befriend, capture, or develop, players decide how they will rebuild the island unlocking a story exclusive to their decisions. Player actions can tip the balance of power between the factions vying for control of the island, acting as the frontline of an ever-shifting battlefield.
  • Custom Content Engine: The game’s custom content engine watches the player and ensures that the world is always presenting interesting and relevant encounters that adapt to both the player’s current abilities and the decisions they have make.

Ashes of Oahu will launch early access in 2018

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