Undead Horde

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: 10tons
Release Date: May 15, 2019

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'Undead Horde' (ALL) Being Unleashed This Week Across All Platforms

by Rainier on May 13, 2019 @ 3:40 p.m. PDT

Undead Horde is a fantasy action role-playing game where you assume the role of a necromancer on a quest to eradicate the living from the ancestral lands of the undead.

The player must roam a fantasy kingdom, kill the living, and raise them as his undead minions. Gradually the player grows in power and is able to take on ever more powerful forces.

You are a necromancer with the ability to raise the dead. Slay your enemies and make them your underlings. Your underlings vary from a horde of undead footmen to a mob of undead giants. However, not all enemies can be assimilated into your army - gelatinous cubes are mindless and they will just melt after death!

The player can also find and use an unlimited amount of procedurally generated weapons and magical items to modify the capabilities of the necromancer, and the horde, as preferred.

Find, buy and steal epic items to become ever more powerful. Equip up to six items: two in hand and four in quick slots. Items vary from common swords to amazing magic items. Some will require you to become more powerful before you can use them. There's an endless number of items so there's always something new to discover!

Key Features:

  • Slay enemies and assimilate their corpses into your army
  • Command undead minions to attack the living
  • Easy to get into RPG style hack, slash & cast action
  • Find items, level up, and raise the dead to become more powerful
  • Build up your Necromancer with items to suit your personal tastes and playstyle
  • Procedural item generation: Endless number of items to loot, steal and buy - can you find the most epic ones?
  • A vast world to explore and conquer - environments ranging from forests to catacombs.
  • Loot villages and towns for items and gold
  • Gain levels and absorb souls which give him various upgrades 

Undead Horde is releasing May 15th on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4 for USD/EUR 16.99 (regional pricing and currencies may result in slight differences locally).

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