Firewall Zero Hour

Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: First Contact Entertainment
Release Date: Aug. 29, 2018

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'Firewall Zero Hour' (PS4) Operation: Nightfall Update Adds New Maps, Contractors, and More

by Rainier on May 15, 2019 @ 3:24 a.m. PDT

Firewall Zero Hour is a 4v4 team-based tactical multiplayer first-person shooter, built from the ground up for PlayStation VR.

Information is power and in the right or wrong hands, can change the course of the world simply with the push of a button. A well-timed release of sensitive data can bring the most powerful swiftly to their knees and crumble empires in an instant.

In Firewall Zero Hour, two teams of mercenaries are hired by anonymous contract handlers to either protect or obtain highly sensitive information on a laptop in dangerous and exotic locations around the globe. Each team's anonymous contract handler acts as their "eye in the sky" and guides each match by providing objectives and critical mission information along the way. Their only concern is the data and they are willing to pay you handsomely for it.

  • As Attackers, your team's objectives are: Bypass the Firewall access points, Locate the Laptop and Initiate the Hack.
  • As Defenders, your team's objectives are: Secure the Firewall access points, Protect the Laptop and Prevent the Hack.

Each team accomplishes these objectives through highly-coordinated teamwork with an arsenal of modern weapons and offensive/defensive equipment to help their team and hinder the other. Players are rewarded in-game with cryptocurrency and experience points upon the successful completion of contracts/matches and can use those currencies to upgrade contractors, weapons, equipment, load-outs and cosmetic customization.

Firewall Zero Hour: Operation: Nightfall is the biggest update to the game yet and coming next week, on May 21, 2019

With Operation: Nightfall, First Contact Entertainment are bringing a whole new face to Firewall Zero Hour as you know it. One of the most significant changes is introducing a whole new system of time-limited progression taking the form of Missions, Tasks, and cosmetic Rewards.

With the Operation: Nightfall drop, the devs have changed the previous challenges system to take on a more meaningful approach and reward players with new cosmetics. Each week your Contract Handler will assign a new Mission to complete, yielding new rewards. You will notice new optional daily Tasks presented to you as well, which reward you with XP and Crypto. Check back daily for new Tasks!

Every week there will be one Mission is available for free for all players. With an Op-Pass ($9.99 USD), players can unlock additional Premium and Bonus missions and earn Seasonal cosmetic rewards, which unlock immediately upon completion of these Missions.

First Contact Entertainment have also introduced a Legendary Weapon Skin, Okoro’s Volkov, available to Op-Pass holders who complete all 24 missions, for 250,000 Crypto.

Operation: Nightfall kicks off with the brand new map, Hangar, and a new Contractor, Ruby, who brings the Skill of “Thief” (ability to steal Crypto from enemy corpse). The map of Hangar takes place around a large military transport aircraft in a hangar in the heart of Malaysia, and is available to all players. Ruby, the Contractor, is accessible via the Op-Pass. Her Skill of “Thief” is available as a timed-exclusive to Op-Pass holders (after season wraps, the Skill becomes available to all players at Level 12 and with 12,000 Crypto).

Later on, players will see Operation: Nightfall’s mid-season update, which will introduce another new map (F.O.B.) and new Contractor (Lynx) for the season.

New Weapons

Also launching on day one of Operation: Nightfall are three new weapons (the Richardson SG12, Sarge, and Raptor), which become available upon completion of their corresponding weekly missions.

New UI and QOL Updates

Players will immediately notice a completely revamped UI in the game. This will make the new Missions, Tasks, and Rewards system very clear to players. Players will also notice various changes in the lobby that improve overall performance and stability. Other quality-of-life updates include: Squad optimizations, ability to customize Contractors in lobby, map and laptop location refresh in Bunker and Compound, as well as updates to enemy indicators and headshot SFX.

New AI

When playing Multiplayer PVE Training mode, players will witness new AI behavior that changes the traditional PVE gameplay experience. The new AI behaviors are meant to mimic human-like player tactics, with characteristics like breaching doors, hunting players down, and using equipment intuitively.

New Ways to Access More Content

Beginning May 21, Firewall Zero Hour will offer players several new ways to enjoy the game, depending on your play style. The Op-Pass and Hack Keys are explained below:

  • Operation: Nightfall update: Free update for all owners of Firewall Zero Hour-featuring new in-game UI, new Maps, and more. This update is viewable as soon as players load up Firewall Zero Hour.
  • Nightfall Op-Pass** ($9.99 USD): Obtain the Op-Pass, which allows access to all Operation: Nightfall Missions, Tasks, and Rewards.
  • Hack Key x5 Pack*** ($4.99 USD): Each Hack Key will instantly complete one Operational Mission. You will not gain any XP for Missions completed this way, but you will be instantly awarded full Crypto, in addition to the Mission Reward (cosmetics only). Hack Keys are a great option for players who don’t have as much time to play as they would like.
  • Nightfall Op-Pass + 25 Hack Keys Bundle***: Includes access to Operation: Nightfall, in addition to 25 hack keys to be used on any Operational Mission. You will not gain any XP for Missions Completed this way, but you will instantly be awarded full Crypto, in addition to the Mission Reward (cosmetics only). Another great option for players who don’t have as much time to play as they would like.

Leading up to May 21, you’ll notice changes starting today in the PS Store in the Americas and Europe for Firewall Zero Hour. Previous cosmetic items released on the store since launch will now be reformatted into seven special content bundles. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab these bundles as they will only be available for one week!

After May 21, cosmetic items will be available in-game as rewards for completed missions:

  • Year One Skin Bundle: Customize your Contractors and Weapons with this collection of six original Skins.
  • Year One Super Skin Bundle: Customize your Contractors and Weapons with this collection of 10 original Skins.
  • Year One Mega Bundle: Go all out with customizations for your Contractors and Weapons! This Mega Bundle includes 10 original Skins plus all Trinkets and Patches released to date.
  • Year One Trinket Bundle: Customize your Weapons with this collection of all Trinkets released to date.
  • Year One Patch Bundle: Personalize your Contractors with this collection of all Patches released to date.
  • Year One Contractor Bundle: Get the three newest Contractors in one Bundle. This three-Contractor Bundle contains Nash, Jag, and Node.
  • Year One Face Paint Bundle: Show them your game face with this collection of eight original Face Paints.

When you pick up a PS VR Aim Controller or DualShock 4 to play Firewall Zero Hour, we want you to immediately notice a heavy emphasis on organized, tactical firefights, team communication, and realistic pacing. That's not to say that combat won't be intense and visceral; whether you're exchanging fire across a hallway or peeking over cover to shoot at a distant hostile, the goal is satisfying, thrilling gunplay. We also want you to feel the tension of defending your position, strategically laying down traps and identifying key vantage points with your teammates. The drama of hacking into a shortcut to your objective or a dark passage illuminated solely by your flashlight is heightened by super-realistic environments and dynamic shadows that bring moments like these to life in truly unique ways.

Of course, the most exciting aspect of Firewall Zero Hour is that all of this takes place in VR, allowing you alone, or with your friends through PlayStation Plus (required for multiplayer), to be transported and immersed into the action in a way that's never been possible before until now, through the magic and presence of VR.

Firewall Zero Hour is currently available on PS4.

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