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Transformice Adventures

Platform(s): Android, PC, iOS
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Atelier 801
Release Date: 2019

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'Transformice Adventures' Launches Kickstarter Campaign, Playable Demo - Trailer

by Rainier on May 8, 2019 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Transformice Adventures will see players take on the role of brave mice and battle various animal enemies in this four-player cooperative dungeon crawler.

Transformice Adventures will see players take on the role of brave mice and battle various animal enemies in this four-player cooperative dungeon crawler. Combining rogue-lite game mechanics with expansive online social experience from its MMO predecessor, Transformice Adventures allows players to enter challenging dungeons and do combat with unique enchantments called Elisah’s Gifts that alter the mice’s skills and weapons.

Grab 3 friends, and go explore numerous dungeons together! You will encounter various monsters, and need to adapt your strategy. Each of you can have a special role!

Mice are not natural fighters. But when they are attacked, they are forced to defend themselves with what are the best at. And if it is not throwing cannonballs, it is their daily jobs! Jobs are mice’s “fighting class”, several professions that they mastered over time. Cook, Botanist, Journalist and Trickster are the first jobs planned but more will be added later!

These odd jobs offer something different from the usual RPG classes. Each job comes with few skills and particular mechanics to play around with. They will offer you additional ways of fighting and influence what you can do several times during the fight!

They can also customise their playstyle by choosing different skill-sets and unusual jobs, from journalists to botanists, and take care of their own personal pets who can join and help them in their quests.

At the end of the day, players can retire to the local tavern to chat with their friends, and show off their best outfits.

Atelier 801 has launched a kickstarter campaign for Transformice Adventures, looking to raise €100,000 ($113,000).

To celebrate the start of the Kickstarter, newcomers, and fans of the series can also try out a free demo of Transformice Adventures which is available now on Steam.

Key Features:

  • A redesigned  Transformice universe, a brand new story, old and new characters like Indiana Mouse and Drekkemaus, shamans and of course, cheese.
  • 1 to 4 players dungeons, taking place in a colorful and diverse world from the point of view of a mouse.
  • Cartoony and charming characters and enemies.
  • A large arsenal of tools to make your own playstyle.
  • Dynamic and synergy-packed encounters with several ways to fight them.
  • Rogue-lite elements that can drastically change the way you fight, to spice up fights and dungeons.
  • A complete wardrobe of hats and outfits.
  • Plenty of colorful and cute pets to care for and fight alongside with.
  • An original and funny panel of jobs inspired by the Transformice lore and universe.

Transformice, the massively multiplayer platformer game about mice gathering cheese, was released in May 2010 by the two founders of Atelier 801: Mélanie Christin and Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand. Updating Transformice on a monthly basis, the studio managed to grow the MMO to a landmark 100 million registered accounts. Atelier 801 has also released multiple other games across different platforms including Bouboum, Fortoresse, Nekodancer, and Dead Maze.

Transformice Adventures is scheduled to be released on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices in late 2019.

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