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Ashes of Oahu

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Wyrmbyte
Release Date: Aug. 29, 2019

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'Ashes of Oahu' Details the Powers of the Akua - Screens

by Rainier on May 8, 2019 @ 9:05 p.m. PDT

Ashes of Oahu is an open world, post-apocalyptic RPG shooter where you tap into the power of the spirit world to liberate the Hawaiian island of Oahu from the army that occupies it.

Built using the Unreal 4 Engine,  Ashes of Oahu  combines innovative action with faction-based gameplay, inviting players to discover the secrets of Hawaii’s mystical past while uncovering and exploring a full-scale authentic representation of 500 square miles of game world terrain – from discovering special powers and abilities of the Hawaiian gods, to choosing skills and weapons, and remaking the island in their own way, all while watching out for the powerful Nightmarchers who protect the island.

In Ashes of Oahu, players must fight for survival and learn to tap into the power of the spirit world to become a demigod and help liberate Oahu from the army that has taken its control.

As you explore the apocalyptic paradise of Oahu, you will come upon various areas of settlement. Some will be overrun by Kamapua'a raiders, while others will be run by the various factions that have taken footing. But it's the Pig God's raiders that can be the most dangerous, and it's Kai's job to clear them out.

Who knows? If you manage to restore these pockets of Oahu to their natural or peaceful states, you just might be rewarded by the gods for fighting the good fight.

With over 75,000 lines of dialog leading to over 100 possible ending combinations, player choice makes each story unique. Along the way, players will unlock over 50 different skills and weapon enhancements based on these decisions helping to shape their gameplay experience.

In Ashes of Oahu Kai undertakes a perilous journey through the post-apocalyptic Hawaiian wilderness to rescue his son from an unfortunate fate and liberate the island from its evil oppressors. While Kai can silently creep up on a foe to whack them with a pahoa or take them at a distance staring down iron sights, run and gun warfare will only get him so far. This is where the Akua can lend a hand.

No mere mortal could face the threats that challenge ‘Oahu. Empowered with the gifts of the Akua, however, Kai’s strength can grow to rival the grim shapeshifting kapua that ravage his island. Kai does not begin the story with these skills. Along his adventure, he will come across heiaus (shrines) dedicated to six ancient Akua. After restoring their heiau and proving his worth, Kai will have these abilities conferred to him and gain the strength to strike down even his fiercest foes.

Spirit Vision is the base for several of Kai’s Akua granted skills. Kai sees into the world more directly with Spirit Vision and can see the aura of other character’s mana. In this mode, if Kai places his crosshairs on a target long enough, he will tag them. That character will then become visible to Kai even if they go behind something that would obstruct Kai’s normal vision. Kai can also see the footprints of where others in the area have been. This way Kai can observe the patrol routes of enemies and plan his next move.

While using Spirit Vision Kai can activate new Akua abilities at the cost of his mana. One such skill is Bullet Shield. Exploiting the veil between Oahu and the spirit world, Kai can twist space around himself, so bullets that would typically inflict mortal wounds deflect harmlessly away. While this only lasts for a few seconds, it is a powerful ability.

Kai also gains a level of control over the natural elements around him. While it does come with high mana cost, Volcanic Eruptions can cause massive amounts of area damage. These volcanoes spew fiery debris. The higher Kai’s skill level, the longer a volcano will last and the more overall damage it will do.

Kai may also learn from the Akua how to modify the type of ammunition he can fire from his spirit bow. Kai can turn a spirit arrow into a ball of flame that explodes when it hits his target with Explosion Arrow.

Not all of Kai’s Akua granted abilities are focused on destroying his enemies. Kai may also learn to shapeshift himself, becoming a Mano to swim the ocean as a shark. He can also be taught to Soar enabling Kai to fly through the ‘Oahuan skies in the form of a bird.

With powers like seeing into the spirit realm, the ability to manipulate the flow of lava around him, and deflecting bullets Kai has some game-changing options at his disposal.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by native Hawaiian stories, traditions, and beliefs but with a unique fictional twist that brings in ghosts, raiders, and gods
  • Four distinct factions to work for...or against!
  • Over 75,000 lines create a massive and engaging narrative
  • Choices truly matter and can lead to any one of over 100 different endings!
  • Guns take on new and amazing powers thanks to the Magical Weapon Mod System
  • Play your way by unlocking 50+ skills and abilities
  • 25 sq/km of beautiful locations throughout Oahu, Hawaii
  • Craft items from Hawaiian resources you find throughout the island

Ashes of Oahu will launch in Spring of 2019

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