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July 2019

Dangerous Driving

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Racing
Developer: Three Fields Entertainment
Release Date: April 9, 2019

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'Dangerous Driving' (ALL) Unleashes Online Racing Across All Platforms

by Rainier on June 18, 2019 @ 2:24 p.m. PDT

Dangerous Driving is a closed track competitive racing game featuring boosts, takedowns, destruction and the biggest car crashes seen in a racing game to date.

Dangerous Driving puts aggression back into the racing genre, recapturing the spirit of the past and taking it to a new place. Dangerous Driving is a game about real driving. The sort of driving you want to do when no one else is looking. The sort of driving you’d love to do if only everyone else would get OUT OF THE DAMN WAY!

This game gives you the chance to live out that fantasy. To floor it in everyday cars, at high speeds, weaving in and out of traffic and slamming the other cars right off the road.

This is a game built in the spirit of the classic arcade racing games of the 80’s and 90’s. It’s about speed, driving skill and beautiful powerslides around epic corners.

It’s also about all out aggression, instant retaliation and sweet, sweet revenge.

The more dangerously you drive, the faster you can go.

Earlier this month Three Fields Entertainment rolled out online multiplayer on PS4, and now has expanded online racing across all platforms.

Now players can race online against 5 other drivers, in a series of 18 pre-set events. A ranking system awards points per race, so players must outwit and wreck their opponents to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

Future updates will introduce new modes and features into online play.

The Third Party Fire and Theft update adds:

  • 6 player online racing
  • Ability to raise the camera on the right stick
  • Save player’s last paint choice per car
  • Increase the amount of Boost earnt from Air
  • Add HUD scaling on PC to fix issues reported with running the game at different resolutions
  • Fix Xbox One Leaderboards ‘Top’ filter never loading on the Results screen

The PC update also includes:

  • Host of improvements to physics and collisions including:
    • Improve collision after a Takedown to reduce the likelihood of the player car intersecting the road and spinning rapidly, before being reset to the track
    • Reduce the likelihood of player car going underneath a rival and being forced through the road
    • Reduce the likelihood of getting launched into the air as a result of ramming a rival
    • Reduce the likelihood of being spawned facing the wrong way after a collision
    • Improve collision with barriers to address the situation where the player car gets lifted up or stuck and being spun around
    • Improve the consistency of collisions with traffic – traffic is now always fatal (we have slightly reduced the amount of traffic to accommodate this)
  • Fix an issue at the U turn on the Hypercar Class Shakedown event where players get stuck in a crash/respawn /crash loop
  • Improve how player is reset on track after a crash
  • Save Sensitivity options – previously resets each time the game was relaunched
  • Remove reset on the right stick camera movement. It will instead reset when you crash or restart.
  • Upgrade to latest Unreal Engine for slightly improved graphical performance
  • Fix for Pursuit vehicles taking each other down and ending the event early.
  • Fix for Wrecks not getting cleared up online
  • Make it easier to find games online – introduce option to browse games

These fixes and improvements will be coming to console very soon, currently estimated to be June 25th.

There are 2 known issues on console which are currently being fixed :

  • On PlayStation – the second half of a Point to Point track won’t always load in and you can get caught in a crash loop. This doesn’t happen all the time (and ironically from what we can tell it was there all along but something about the new update has made it happen more frequently). Microsoft found this issue and we have fixed it in the online Xbox update and a fix is in submission with Sony right now. The workaround is to turn off your Takedown camera. (For those interested in the detail of how the bug occurs – if you Takedown a player in the first part of the track and have not crashed yourself by the time you reach the streaming tunnel (where the next track loads in) then when you exit the tunnel you will find that the new course has not been loaded and then when you crash you will be in a looping crash sequence. )
  • On PlayStation and Xbox – the vehicle stats and mileage have disappeared from the car select. The workaround is to check your mileage on the in game speedo whilst we prep a fix.

Key Features

  • Bump, shunt, slam, scratch and powerslide your way around 30 dangerous courses set across seven different locations.
  • Takedown your opponent in the adrenaline fuelled Takedown Races, chain your way to perfection in the Boost Chain Races, or rule every road in Road Rage.
  • Switch on your Sirens and apprehend Wanted Suspects in Pursuit Mode, or be the last car standing in Eliminator.
  • Race offline against remorseless AI drivers in over 8 different event types
  • Take the action online against seven other aggressive players
  • Unlock new deadly cars and aggressive abilities as you progress.

There is only one way to drive – Dangerously. There is only one way to win – Takedown anything that tries to get between you and the finish line.

Dangerous Driving will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games store) on April 9, 2019 for $29.99/£24.99 digitally. The physical version, published by Maximum Games, includes bonus game Danger Zone 2, and will be available for $39.99 US/$49.99 CAD/UK £29.99/Europe €39.99/Australia $69.95 AUD.

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