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June 2019

Mars Alive

Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Winking Entertainment
Developer: Future Tech Lab
Release Date: June 18, 2019 (US), June 19, 2019 (EU)

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'Mars Alive' (PS4) Kickstarter Successful, Release Date Set For Later This Month

by Rainier on June 4, 2019 @ 8:03 p.m. PDT

Mars Alive is an open world sci-fi/survival PSVR game where you will face severe weather, day and night, and other challenges in order to survive.

Mars Alive takes place in AD 2045. Project Monolith III is a Mars Immigration plan that started with 18 members. However, a mysterious terrorist attack killed all of them, but you. Players need to stay focus on decoding the secret behind the attack, while to stay alive on this red planet.

Begin to survive on Mars, players need to explore the land and collect resources in order to craft items to stay alive. Mars Alive allows players to experience a realistic environment on Mars.

In Mars Alive, you need to manage your resources wisely to survive as long as you can. Just like the movie - Martian. As one of the survivors on Mars, you are going to reveal the truth behind the civilization, which is full of mystery and conspiracy on Mars.

As a survivor on Mars, you need to sustain your life as your first step. There are four statuses you should monitor always – Oxygen, Food, Water and Temperature. Your Health will start to decrease once one of the statuses turns to zero. Therefore, check the statuses at any time, or the death will be waiting for you in the end.

In order to survive and escape from this red planet, you have to explore outside your space hab first. Even though the whole colony was destroyed, it is possible to find some survival supplies such as oxygen tank and food ingredients left and scattered around the abandoned facilities. Besides gathering survival resources, don’t forget to collect any clues to go back to the Earth during your exploration. You will not want to live on Mars forever.

In the open world of Mars Alive, our designers put lots of effort to simulate the realistic environment on Mars as possible. To clarify the environment on Mars, we have visited Mars Village in China where the space agency simulates Mars base to prepare missions to Mars, and even have email contacts with the PhD. studying planetary science in Brown University as references. Based on detailed research, you will experience not only the geographical features but also real-time transition of day & night and even the severe weather conditions on Mars. 

There are two types of vehicles in the game, one is  the drivable Mars Manned Rover (MMR) and the other isthe remotely controlled Mars Exploration Rover (MER). Our designers refer to the design of NASA, restoring the true operating principle as much as possible. 

MMR is referred to NASA's Mars Exploration Concept. Its energy is supplemented by battery, solar panels or charging in the facility. With the help of MMR, you will expand the range of areas that can be explored and even have sufficient oxygen and proper temperature in cockpit of vehicle with the electric energy.

Like the NASA Curiosity, MER is equipped with a variety of scientific and communication instruments and its energy is supplemented by battery. You can plan a route in the console of hab for MER, you can plan the route for exploration through the console in the hab. Once the route is confirmed, it will start to mark the detected materials and resources on the map and even collect them back to you after upgrade.

As the survival resources are collected, you could even obtain new items by combining them together. Some advanced items such as backpack-enhanced accessary and battery could only be crafted via 3D printer. There are several combinations waiting for you to try and craft.   

Besides scouting survival resources such as drinking water and energy sticks scattered around to sustain your life, as the story goes, you even can develop the self-sustained agriculture system and don’t need to be worried about hunger anymore. You can grow crops with seeds once the greenhouse in one of the space hab is activated. The vegetable need to be regularly watered and only can be harvested till they are fully ripened. Be patient and enjoy your harvest when the time has come. 

For the music of Mars Alive, we invite the studio – Somatone Interactive which has worked on hundreds of game titles across mobile, PC, console, arcade and VR platforms to deliver a sense of loneliness to the player staying in such broad and magnificent environment on Mars. 

The composers especially choose piano to play the natural solo instrument initially, and group all the instruments including brass and strings in the end when the player enters the Great Canyon at first time in the game.  

Mars Alive will be released on 18 June in America, 19 June in Europe and 20 June in Asia.

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