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July 2019

Steel Circus

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Oasis Games
Developer: Iron Mountain Interactive

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'Steel Circus' Gets Steam Early Access Date - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on July 2, 2019 @ 5:00 a.m. PDT

Steel Circus sets in a futuristic, dystopian background, players need to control one of serveral heros and compete in online multiplayers matches with objective of scoring by shooting the ball into the opposing goal by any means.

In 2350, decades of seemingly endless war have worn down the solar system, and peace hangs by a thread. To promote peace and enhance communication among the most powerful factions, every year the Solar Council brings together representatives from each faction to discuss politics behind closed doors. During these talks, heroes, referred to as “champions” in-game, compete in front of roaring crowds to claim honor for their individual ethnic groups at the Steel Circus championships.

The only rule? Get the ball into the opposing team’s goal by any means necessary.

Control one of several heroes and compete in online multiplayer matches with the objective of scoring by shooting the ball into the opposing goal by any means. Each champion has a different skill set with two special skills. Characters range from support roles with buffs and heals to brawling powerhouses. Mastering these abilities is the difference between decent and great players. Since each power is designed around teamplay, strategic cooperation with partners is crucial to claiming the final victory.

Three character types round out the field: Strikers, Enforcers, and Specialists. Strikers, known for their speed and agility are best for offensive play while avoiding engagements wherever possible to line up the perfect shot. Enforcers are the brute force of any well-balanced team, engaging opponents and disabling them temporarily, enabling the rest of the team to score. Specialists are the wildcards of the field: clever and creative, they create chaos on the field, block Strikers from goals and neutralize Enforcers before they can react.

Each character features special moves that can turn the tides towards victory. Lochlan, a Scottish lord from the United States of Europe, buffs his team’s speed while hampering his opponents’ by playing his powered bagpipes. A sneaky robot from the Ceres Worker’s Union known as Cap-x02 can transform into a projectile-launching turret capable of stunning the opposition. Schröder, the mysterious spokesperson of Saturn Enterprises, is capable of altering physical matter in order to evade traps and confuse opponents who swear he sometimes appears of out nowhere.

Oasis Games and Iron Mountain Interactive announced that the solar system’s largest sporting event will soon be open to Earth’s citizens: Steel Circus, the competitive multiplayer hero sports game, will launch on Steam Early Access starting August 8th 2019.

Launching on Steam Early Access after a successful Closed Alpha period, Steel Circus will receive regular updates, including new champions, arenas, customizations and balancing fixes, continuously addressing and improving the game in line with player feedback.

Players will be able to choose from an initial roster of 6 champions in Early Access, each with their own distinct moveset and characteristic. Two arenas will be available with different variations and environmental gameplay, with multiple game modes planned to be introduced throughout the Early Access period.

Steel Circus may also receive a final Closed Alpha Test before Early Access launch.

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