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'Satisfactory' Early Access Update Adds Nuclear Power, Endgame Areas And More

by Rainier on July 3, 2019 @ 2:34 a.m. PDT

Satisfactory is an open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat for 1-4 players.

As employees of FICSIT Inc. enterprising space Pioneers are tasked with charting and exploiting a vast and diverse alien planet to construct and automate intricate multi-story factories for a mysterious unknown purpose. Players must also defend themselves against hostile alien lifeforms, automate vehicles and research new technologies to keep improving their constructs.

Satisfactory lands today with three different biomes on a vast handcrafted world (30km2) full of varyingly hostile alien creatures and six tiers of milestones that unlock machines, resources and equipment. The Early Access launch also offers multiplayer and vehicles with automation capabilities. The live development roadmap already outlines two new updates scheduled for the end of April and May that will bring new milestone tiers, research chains for sulfur and quarts, and a train to transfer your resources between outposts.

Satisfactory has just released Update #2, bringing a new train and track system, the Nuclear Power & Waste research tier, and exotic new endgame areas.

Update #2 has introduced the much-anticipated Electric Locomotive, the fastest way to traverse the planet and an intricate Tracks & Switches system complete with Train Stations. Pioneers now also have access to incredibly efficient (and perfectly safe) energy sources as Tier 7 brings Nuclear Power Plants and a whole set of new radioactive challenges.

Satisfactory also continues to expand its lush, vulnerable landscape with revamped new end-game biomes - the Swamp, Red Jungle and Bamboo Fields - bringing exotic new flora and fauna for players to admire and exploit. 

Highlights from Update #2 include: 

  • Electric Locomotive - Trains are fast, cool, shiny, and annoyingly requested by our community. They’re Super Effective at travelling between far-off outposts you may have set up.
  • Tracks & Switches, Freight Platforms & Freight Cars - Trains need tracks to run on. At least ours do. Building proper tracks for the train to travel on is imperative for transport and satisfying. Want bigger trains? No problem! Freight platforms are modular and can easily be connected to and expanded upon for Unlimited™ transport capacity. 
  • Train Station & Automation - Personalise your train stations with the new FICSIT Incorporated ‘If you name it, you claim it’ feature! Trains can be programmed to load and/or unload whatever cargo you want from whichever station you want, whenever you want - or not at all if you want. 
  • Tier 7 (Nuclear Power & Waste) - We’re going nuclear! From affordable graphite-tipped fuel rods, to power, to waste - every step in this journey is incredibly rewarding! Just be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear. FICSIT has also generously provided complete freedom to deal with nuclear waste in any way you wish as no one has bothered working on an official protocol yet.
  • Uranium - All uranium-based resources and parts are radioactive, making skin-to-object contact 100% lethal, so keep your distance! How will you solve this problem? Note: You cannot develop super powers so don’t try. That is available in our non-existent Radioactive Superhero DLC ($7500) or via Surprise Mechanics.
  • Revamped Endgame Areas:
    • Swamp - Moist (eww), green, purple, gassy (eww). The swamp is a harsh late game area full of poisonous gas and littered with Stingers (eww), as we well as rare resources and plentiful exploration rewards. 
    • Red Jungle - Think Tarzan, but with a lot more red and a lot more enemies. The red jungle is a dense, primarily exploration focused area with dense undergrowth making defending yourself from creatures tricky.
    • Bamboo Fields - Crouching Stinger, Hidden Slug. A late game area where the late game resources are spread out. The indestructible huge tall red trees make building tricky and you will have to find a way to weave the buildings and belts in between them.
  • Miner Mk3 + Belts/Lifts Mk5 - The Miner Mk3 is twice as efficient compared to the Mk2. We’ve also shown the Conveyor Belts and Lifts some love so that you can now transport up to 780 parts per minute.

Satisfactory is available in Early Access through the Epic Games Store for $29.95/€29.99.

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