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July 2019

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: July 26, 2019

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'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' (Switch) Expansion Pass Includes Four DLCs, Details

by Rainier on July 3, 2019 @ 7:39 p.m. PDT

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a turn-based tactical RPG that adds strategic twists to battles, with formations of troops supporting individual units on the battlefield.

War is coming to the great land of Fódlan. Here, order is maintained by the Church of Seiros, which hosts the prestigious Officers Academy within its headquarters. You are invited to teach one of its three mighty houses, each comprised of students brimming with personality and represented by a royal from one of three territories of Fódlan. As their professor, you must lead your students in their academic lives and in turn-based, tactical RPG battles wrought with strategic, new twists to overcome.

As the story unfolds, your choice of house at the Officers Academy will greatly affect where you stand when the land becomes engulfed in war. After 5 years, former friends from the academy must now face each other on the battlefield as bitter enemies. Which house, and which path, will you choose? Command a party of warriors to move and fight on a grid-based battlefield, hire and equip new battalions to strengthen your units, and use Combat Arts to attack more efficiently. You've taught them well, and now their lives depend on your leadership.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a massive game that will provide thrilling and strategic content for all players. But when the turn-based tactical role-playing game launches, it will also kick off the start of four waves of paid downloadable content, as well as various free updates, that make this already-epic adventure even deeper.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the Fire Emblem: Three Houses + Expansion Pass bundle are now available for pre-purchase in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Purchasing the Expansion Pass bundle will not only grant access to all four waves of DLC as they release, but owners will also receive new Officers Academy outfits for the female and male Byleth main character on launch day.

The four waves of upcoming DLC, which will include engaging content like new maps, new costumes and even new playable characters, are scheduled to be released between July 26 of this year and April 30, 2020.

Key Features:

  • The Officers Academy is home to three houses: The Black Eagles with house leader Edelgard, The Blue Lions with house leader Dimitri, and The Golden Deer with house leader Claude ... Which house will you choose?
  • As a professor, lead students in their academic lives and on the battlefield
  • A turn-based, tactical RPG that puts new twists on strategic battling
  • Freely roam Garreg Mach Monastery and interact with students in a variety of ways to bond with them. In the classroom, tutor your students to help them grow in the skill sets required to become specific classes
  • Fortify your units with battalions for the first time, utilize new Combat Arts to strategize your moves, and also, face a new type of giant enemy — the Demonic Beasts.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases July 26, 2019, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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