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July 2019

Road to Guangdong

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One
Genre: Management
Publisher: Excalibur Publishing
Developer: Just Add Oil Games
Release Date: June 6, 2019

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'Road to Guangdong' (ALL) Early Access update Adds More Car Interaction

by Rainier on July 8, 2019 @ 10:32 p.m. PDT

Road to Guangdong is a story-rich management game where you join Sunny and Guu Ma on the journey of a lifetime, as they travel across China in their aging but beloved family car.

Road to Guangdong is filled with visual charm and personality, combining bold colours with a low poly art style. The visuals are underscored by a score that evokes the 90s setting, and explores the tensions that exist between tradition and modernisation – themes which are at the heart of Sunny and Guu Ma’s story.

Join Sunny and Guu Ma on the journey of a life time, as they travel across China in their aging but beloved family car. Can they maintain their beloved car and overcome their personal history to save the family restaurant?

Drive across China in the beloved but weathered family car, ‘Sandy’. Take care of your tyres, fuel consumption and engine condition as you navigate the beautiful province of Guangdong. An epic journey in such an old car isn’t going to be easy – be prepared to take a look under the hood. Add oil, manage petrol, maintain the engine and build a stock of useful parts to avoid calling out the mechanic.

Road to Guangdong has received four Early Access updates in just over four weeks since its June launch. Key player-requested features, such as being able to repair the car out on the road, have already been added.

Developer Just Add Oil Games’ community feedback-led work sees another update released today, which majorly alters the way in which interactivity with the car, Sandy, works. Now, instead of following a UI prompt and pressing a key on the keyboard, players manually ignite the engine, turn on the headlights, change the radio channel and get in and out of the car, bringing more authenticity to gameplay.

There are many more updates to come, both improving the game experience and adding new content and stories.

Play as Sunny, a 23-year-old art graduate, as she joins 68-year-old aunt Guu Ma on a road trip to rekindle her family restaurant. Unexpectedly inheriting her family’s restaurant, Sunny is tasked with reigniting relationships, and establishing her place in the family, on her quest to secure and recreate secret recipes.

Navigate narrative puzzles and moral choices as you select dialogue and shape Sunny’s character. Sunny and Guu Ma’s relationship will be tested and evolve throughout a road trip that will change both of their lives.

Road to Guangdong is now available through Steam Early Access at £11.99/$14.99, and will remain so for several months, after which it will arrive on Xbox One in early 2020.

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