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Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Developer: Manufacture 43
Release Date: July 24, 2019

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'Pawarumi' (ALL) Available For Pre-Order

by Rainier on July 9, 2019 @ 10:17 a.m. PDT

Pawarumi is an arcade inspired shoot'em up with a modern twist and which stays true to the legacy of what made the genre popular in the early ages of video game history.

Pawarumi is an epic shoot'em up with intertwined game mechanics. It takes place in an alternate futuristic universe inspired by the ancient south american civilizations. You'll play as Axo, pilot of the holy ship Chukaru. Blessed by the three major gods, only the mastering of their divine energies will lead you to victory.

While offering a satisfying experience to newcomers thanks to beautiful graphics and easy to pick up gameplay, it also offers an interesting challenge for those seeking deep mechanics that offers many strategic opportunities.

Twisting the classic concept, Manufacture 43 created a game system called the Trinity Mechanic. By shooting with the right colored weapon on the adequate colored enemy type, it allows the player to choose between maximizing damages, charging a devastating super attack or healing the shield protecting your single life.

Blending pre-columbian inspirations with 90s pop culture, the colorful 3D graphics and the powerful original soundtrack will carry the players through their first contact with the game. Tightly crafted level design will tease their brains. Huge and intense boss fights will test their nerves. And don’t forget the delightful explosions that will reward them in their progress. The game system allowing for an infinite variety of strategies, game overs won’t last for long as the players will feed in more credits.

Daniel Borges, Manufacture 43, "There are no boosts, ammo, extras or anything. We kept what’s essential in a shoot’em up - shooting, dodging, blowing stuff up - and added our own “trinity” mechanic instead. This very simple directive really works resulting in hand-eye blasting coordination of the highest level! The Nintendo Switch version of Pawarumi includes a very special feature, the Joyful Ship! With this enabled, the game actually recognises what colour Joy-Con is connected to the console and colours the players’ ship accordingly - we’ve seen some unique and amazing colour combinations!”

Pawarumi is available to pre-purchase from the Nintendo eShop (later today) and Microsoft Store (Xbox One) now.

Key Features

  • Three difficulty settings, each with its own alternate storyline.
  • The difficulty curve is designed so that a player that beats the game in easy mode gets ready to play in normal mode and then in hard mode.
  • The three weapons of the player are red, green and blue and are tied and linked, to enemy factions and divinities: jaguar, serpent and condor.
  • Cool eye candy special effects.
  • The Nintendo Switch version of Pawarumi has a unique ship, the Joyful, that adopts the colours of your Joy-Con!

Currently available for PC (Steam), Pawarumi will launch for Switch and Xbox One on July 24, 2019.

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