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Gordian Quest

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Mixed Realms
Release Date: June 23, 2022

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'Gordian Quest' Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 28, 2020 @ 8:00 a.m. PST

With a unique blend of tactical combat, strategic gameplay, and boisterous animated heroes, Gordian Quests takes players on a journey to defeat an ultimate evil plaguing the land.

Gordian Quest is a stylistic roguelike deck builder where you lead your heroes through grueling missions and tactical combat to unravel the mysteries that curse the land.

In Gordian Quest players will traverse through a land fraught with evil and monsters to challenge a sinister curse that has befallen it.  Assembling a team of heroes, players will lead their group through challenging missions while working to forge bonds between their characters. As players progress through their tumultuous journey they’ll be able to train their team and attempt to get them to work together. They will discover bonds among the heroes which will spawn access to combo abilities unique to these relationships.

As a strategic deck builder, players in Gordian Quest will be able to choose which attributes to assign to their heroes. Each hero in Gordian Quest possesses unique class skills and playstyles. Players will have to decide how they want to train and upgrade their heroes as well as which weaponry and armor to equip in order to take on the arduous tasks that lay ahead. Featuring procedurally generated maps and dungeons, players will have to strategically react to encounters, none of which will be the same as the last.

Gordian Quest features turn-based tactical combat merged with card battling. Players will have to decide which of their hero’s cards to use throughout each turn as well as strategic placement of their team in order to get the most impact out of their abilities while also avoiding oncoming damage. Each hero in Gordian Quest will have its own innate card abilities with varying costs, ranges, and uses. Players will also be able to add additional cards to their heroes’ decks through the crafting of equipment.

Gordian Quest features multiple levels of difficulty including a hardcore mode in which players will have to contend with the possibility of permadeath as well as casual modes that will return players to town should their team be defeated. Players will also be able to shape their gameplay and course of adventure in Gordian Quest though decisions made while encountering side quests and events.

Early Access Features:

  • Form your party - choose from six different heroes each with their own unique class, skills, and playstyle.
  • Train and equip your heroes - upgrade and train your heroes and choose which weaponry and enchantments to give them in order to face the battles ahead.
  • Collect legendary items - gather relics throughout your journey which may turn the tide of battle in your favor or stack the odds against you.
  • Shape the course of your adventure - embark on side quests and events and shape the outcome with your decisions.
  • Enjoy endless replayability - procedurally generated maps and dungeons make each playthrough and encounter different from the last.
  • Choose your difficulty - take on hardcore mode for a teeth-gritting permadeath experience or play more casually where death is only a setback.
  • Customize your play - activate shrines that permanently change random areas of the map, multiplying the danger but also the rewards - adding another layer of strategic planning and risk assessment as you traverse the world.

Additional features and content planned for the full version:

  • Relationship system - experiment creating bonds among heroes to discover and unlock special combo skills.
  • More adventures - four fully fleshed out Acts to explore and conquer, each with special quests, unique items, new NPCs and skills to discover.
  • More heroes - encounter more heroes from all over the realm, each with their three unique ability schools, motivations, and dialogue.
  • Carryover rewards - every completed run gives the heroes a bonus on future runs, letting them start off with a bit more resources, items, or even granting the ability to modify their starting decks.
  • Endless mode - this special mode makes the game a perpetual adventure and allows you to keep on questing, slaying more monsters and collecting more heroes, skills, relics and weapons.
  • PVP - engage in skirmish fights with other players using your preferred heroes and skills.

Gordian Quest will come to Steam Early Access in Q1 2020.

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