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Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Megapop
Release Date: Q2 2020

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'Haxity' Early Access Update Adds Ranked PvP Play, Additional PvP Features

by Rainier on Oct. 21, 2020 @ 10:33 a.m. PDT

Haxity is a cyberpunk, roguelite, action deck-builder where you draft your deck, modify your fighter and outsmart your opponent, whether it be online, challenging friends or against AI.

Haxity seeks to deliver a never-before-seen card gaming experience, while being one of the very first PVP movers in the exciting new action deck-builder genre. A genre of card games where a major part of the gameplay is to draft cards and modify your deck as you play.

In Haxity you jack into a gritty cyberpunk sprawl, where a mixed bag of derelicts are fighting to survive the daily grind. This is where you come in, the player. You must survive the city, work your way up the ranks and find the optimal strategy to crush your foes. At your disposal is a hefty amount of cool gadgets, black market technologies and hacks.

The cards can be mixed, mashed and hacked, and the outcome can turn around…really fast. It’s street fighting, the cyberpunk way. It has the combos and powerful emotions of a fighting game, mixed with the mind-games and depth of card games. In short; a digital card game where every move you make is decided with cards, and where every playthrough is different.

Jack in to the unique card gaming experience which is ‘Haxity’ and enjoy a new level of PvP card gaming fun during the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest with the new Fight Club update. Despite being an Early Access title, ‘Haxity’ is already heralded by many as one of the finest deck-builder games. Now Megapop is doubling down by adding ranked PvP play and additional PvP features.

No festival would be complete without special guests, and Megapop has invited a host of premier card-gaming streamers to celebrate with us throughout the weekend. Familiar names like SuperJJ, Cantaloupe, Jeff Hoogland, and more! Tag along to challenge these players or watch the mayhem unfold! To conclude the event, a tournament will be held on Sunday for everyone to join!

What and When - The nitty gritty details:

The Fight Club Update

With the Fight Club Update players will be introduced to online ranked play, where you can progress through the ranks by taking down the other players. There are five ranked tiers to climb through this first season.

Emotes have finally arrived in Haxity, and starting now, players will be able to taunt their opponents, or maybe just congratulate them after a well-executed strategy.

The matchmaking screens now have useful tips, tricks, and lore, plus beautiful hand-made drawings of the streets of Haxity.

Check the complete patch notes here.

Thursday: Developer Live Steam Broadcast

Tune in on Thursday 22.10 at 1800 CET for a live Haxity developer Broadcast on steam, join us as the devs showcase the latest update and talk you through the game as they play. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the broadcast.

Friday/Saturday: Streamers join the fight

Several streamers will gather in the streets of Haxity on Friday and Saturday to find out who is the best fighter. They won’t be alone though, as both developers and any player who think they are up to the challenge, can join in on the ultimate card gaming brawl.

This is the schedule of some of the streamers that will join the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest playing Haxity:

Sunday: Tournament

On Sunday at 1600 CET we will host our very first tournament since the game was released as Early Access. Haxity offers an unique environment for 1 vs 1 deckbuilder PvP tournaments, anyone can join and our tournament will be organized in our Discord channel. Who will be the champion and claim eternal glory?


Throughout the whole Digital Tabletop Fest (Wednesday 21.10 1900 CET - Monday 26.10 1900 CET, Haxity will be sold with a 30% discount to celebrate the event!

Haxity is currently available through Steam Early Access.

Key Features:

  • Jack into the net and take the fight online in hefty online PvP matches: To our knowledge ‘Haxity’ may be the first-ever deck-builder PvP game…we’re doing all we can to make that fun and challenging.
  • Dynamic Deck building: Draft your cards, hacks and mods, and build powerful combos and synergies. Each fighter have tons of unique cards and playstyles to discover, mix and mash.
  • Procedurally generated city: Haxity is the city that never stops changing. Every new run is a different experience. Play with the hand you're dealt, meeting other players in the same situation. Draft, adapt and overcome.
  • Card combat: A unique fast-paced combat system where you have to plan, respond, bluff and adapt to succeed, will you be the one to land the final blow?
  • Modifications and cybernetics: What would a cyberpunk world be without tons of customization options? Discover different mods and cybernetics during your journey to strengthen your fighter.
  • Roguelite campaign: Navigate the streets of Haxity in a roguelite cyberpunk run, see how far you can go in an ever-changing cityscape.
  • Friendly Versus: Just wanna hang out with a friend and crack some digital skulls? We got you covered!
  • Premium Gameplay: No cardpacks! No lootboxes! No pay-to-win! No bullshit!

Haxity is in development for PC.

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