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December 2020

Viking City Builder

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Roslagen

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'Viking City Builder' Shows Off Its Ray-Tracing Capabilities - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 26, 2020 @ 12:34 a.m. PDT

Viking City Builder is a classic city builder game with real-time strategy elements that allows players to live through historic expansions of the Viking age.

The dawn of the Viking age is on the horizon. What territories are you going to takeover today? Where will you plant the seeeds of the Norse culture, so the children may grow and praise gods in peace? Look what may await you if only Odin will be merciful this day. 

Viking City Builder is a classical city building game with elements of a real-time strategy sparked on top! Make a new place to live for your Viking brothers and sisters, build homes, longhouses, boating houses, ritual houses and many more constructions from the era. Send your people to work or hunt for food in the wilderness!

The Viking age - uncertain times for Europeans when the Norsemen started a large-scale conquest campaign throughout the Europe to broaden their territories. Become one of the leaders of one such group and after pillaging a small village, you and your Viking brothers decided to settle down and build your own settlement on top of the ashes.

And don’t forget about the Viking fortresses, as you may need a sturdy army to follow your orders when the Europeans come to take back what’s originally theirs! Your fierce warriors will also come in handy when your settlement will ran low on resources. You can send them to pilliage some more, prey on the weak and steal their goods!

I’m super proud of what I’ve managed to achieve with Ray Tracing. I’ve chosen Unreal Engine 4 as a base for the Viking City Builder having its graphical capabilities and this technology in particular in mind.

Ray Tracing generates a much more accurate and realistic effect than traditional methods of lighting a scene in games production. It even takes the physical aspects of the world into consideration and can also simulate variety of optical effects like reflections and really helps to bring the virtual world to life and makes it more believable I think. The use of Ray Tracing unfortunately has a negative impact on performance but I have good news. The game will offer support for DLSS2. Thanks to this technique we get a huge performance jump of up to 40% with additional image quality improvement!

Key Features:

  • Fortify your settlement and battle the Europeans, who want to take back their territories
  • Pilliage neighbouring villiages for valuable resources
  • Build real-life structures, taken out straight from Viking history
  • Manage the settlement, assign tasks and various professions and build a strong economy
  • Take on an adventure and sail through the seas and rivers

Viking City Builder is in development for PC (Steam).

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