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My.Games Launches Its Own Cloud Gaming Service

by Rainier on Nov. 16, 2020 @ 8:28 a.m. PST

My.Games Cloud offers the ability to play modern games in up to 4K resolution and up to 120fps, regardless of the technical capabilities of user PCs.

Global publishers including Ubisoft, Riot Games, and Funcom are confirmed to be part of the project, which is currently in beta testing on My.Games servers.My.Games Cloud is based on the technological capabilities of My.Games, utilizing the high-quality service infrastructure of Group with the company's R&D approach for cloud-based solutions. 

My.Games Cloud will provide an affordable platform for players to access high-quality gaming with low streaming latency. The service will be integrated into My.Games Store, with subscribers gaining access to the complete games library as well as titles from other gaming stores. Hundreds of games currently on My.Games Store will be available on the cloud service, including Warface, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, League of Legends, Watch Dogs, and others.

During the beta, the service will be available throughout Russia. However, the most optimal experience will only be available to players within a radius of 1500-2000 km from the My.Games Cloud server centers, located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2021, the service will expand to cover more areas and platforms - during the beta, the service will only be available on Windows, but versions for Mac OS, Android, iOS and SmartTV are also expected to launch in 2021. In the future, users will be able to play in the cloud via the social network, through their internet browser.

“We see great potential in cloud gaming technology, especially in a country like Russia, where its well-developed internet infrastructure provides a high-quality gaming experience at an affordable price. We are happy to welcome international publishers partners, for whom the launch of such a service can provide the opportunity to reach a new audience,” said My.Games CEO Vasily Maguryan. “At My.Games we have access to the latest cutting-edge technology, letting us provide up to 4K quality streaming with minimal latency.”

Key features of My.Games Cloud services include:

  • Free plan with high quality and without restrictions on the length of the session. Full HD streaming (up to 23 hours per month) with medium graphics settings
  • Paid subscription plan with access to the games in up to 4K resolution and 120fps with maximum graphics settings
  • Modern streaming technology
  • The minimum network requirements without quality loss
  • Intuitive and comfortable interface
  • Full integration into My.Games Store ecosystem
  • The ability to play free AAA games included in paid subscription
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