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Land of War: The Beginning

Platform(s): PC
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Developer: MS Games
Release Date: June 10, 2021

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'Land of War: The Beginning' Shows Off Its Environments - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 16, 2020 @ 5:25 p.m. PST

Land of War: The Beginning is the world’s first, first-person shooter game fully dedicated to the outbreak of WWII in Poland on September 1939. It portraits the opening episodes and battles fought by Poles during the German invasion.

Land of War is a first-person shooter located in 1939 Poland during German “Blitzkrieg” invasion. The main character, private Piotr Kowalski, while being relocated to Mokra, gets accidentally involved in a series of intelligence encounters between Polish and German spies. His decisions will impact fates of many, possibly saving the world as we know it. His path will lead through many historical locations and battles of the 1939 campaign.

In the battle of Mokra, the player will fight against German panzer divisions using “Ur” anti-panzer gun as well as operating an armoured train. He will embark on a crazy raid in a TKS tankette to break through German blockade near Modlin, defend Hel peninsula and help separate it from mainland with explosives! All that in epic semi-open, beautifully modelled landscapes picturing forests, villages and towns of 1939 Poland.

Throughout the game the player will be able to find and use a lot of little-known arms and equipment used by both Polish and German troops during these early stages of WWII. He will use it in a variety of challenging episodes: battles, skirmishes, reconnaissance and sabotage missions. The main character will take on the role of an infantier, reconnaissance scout, artillery man as well as tank and train driver.

A set of carefully prepared missions will force the player to take decisions on how to cope with particular problems. Apart from the obvious continuous fire, some missions will require sniper skills, others may be best experienced with just a knife and some with patience. Most of them, however, will throw the payer straight into the middle of a fierce battle, where lightning fast reactions and tactical skills will be the only way to survive.

The fate of the hero is intertwined in between real historical events which lead us through the battle of Poland on September 1939…

The real Land of War.

Every experienced player knows how much impact the right balance of guns has on the gameplay. A wrong setup can spoil the pleasure of playing even in the biggest productions with huge budgets.

That's why we've paid a lot of attention to the proper balancing of individual weapons. We'll tell you more about this in the next article.

Following the latest trends, and taking care of the highest level of immersion, we decided to take a closer look at our individual scenes, as well as the entire locations, and do a significant graphic correction.

We paid special attention to vegetation, diversity, color, and placement. It's mostly about good color composition and blending together with other objects.

The next step was to adjust the light, its temperature, and intensity to show what's best in the scene. This is a very difficult task, but at the same time crucial for the final visual perception of the maps. Playing with the lights allows us to expose interesting elements of the game, such as buildings, vehicles, and sometimes guns. With the whole lightning, we can also build climate, emotions, and even lead the player to a specified place.

Through the process of redesigning the scenes, we must balance realism, playability, and delightful visual effects.

Key Features:

  • The player will take part in the most important historic operations in Poland, September campaign in 1939, escape from the first bombed city of WW2 Wielun and much more!
  • Weapons, vehicles, uniforms and all game elements recreated with focus on every detail using real and existing objects.
  • Very rare prototype and conceptional weapons like ‘Mors’ machine gun, semi-automatic rifle ‘wz. 38M’ and more are given for players disposal!
  • Game story is based on real historic events, dynamic twists of action and heroic battles that will give you an unique feel and atmosphere of WW2.

Land of War: The Beginning is currently in production, scheduled the second half of 2020.

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