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Phoenix Point

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Snapshot Games
Release Date: Dec. 3, 2019

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'Phoenix Point' v1.8 Arkham Patch Later This Week, Festering Skies DLC in Early 2021 - Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 3, 2020 @ 9:12 a.m. PST

Phoenix Point is a turn-based tactics and world-based strategy sci-fi game by the original X-COM game designer.

Phoenix Point, which has been in development for over a year, is a turn-based tactics and world-based strategy Sci-Fi game from the minds of Julian Gollop, veteran designer of the original X-COM games, and David Kaye, the founder of Gaming Insiders. Phoenix Point draws inspiration from a deep pool of talented developers from companies such as Ubisoft Sofia and Crytek Black Sea, and games such as XCOM 2 and X-COM Apocalypse.  

The spread of alien Pandoravirus was an unimaginable extinction event, nearly wiping out all human life. The fortunate majority were quickly killed off by the virus, but some were mutated by the aggressive virus, which attacks human DNA sequences and imbeds its own transformative DNA, thereby mutating humans into horrifically disfigured alien species with the ability to clone.  Those who somehow survived gather in isolated havens spread throughout the world, with several of the largest and most powerful factions of radically contrasting ideologies controlling most of the world’s resources.

You play as part of the Phoenix Project, a worldwide organization set in place before the Pandoravirus, and designed to activate in times of world peril. You and your team must find out what has happened to the other Phoenix Project sleeper cells as you race to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction. Along the way, you will encounter constant threats from an ever-increasing variety of alien mutants (procedural generation system) armed with varying6 tactical abilities and intense boss battles with massive monsters and alien land walkers. Aliens are not your only concern as you will come face to face with unpredictable interactions with human factions with their ideologies and rife with internal conflicts including kidnappings, assassinations, sabotage, military coups, and base defense missions.

v1.8 Arkham is out on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.


  • Improved aircraft selection UI
  • Added Phoenix base selection functionality
  • Reworked personnel screen
    • Vehicles are shown along the soldiers
    • Soldiers and vehicles are divided by the location they are at
    • Added basic stats for each soldier and service record
  • Character equipment and training screens are merged and information for stealth, accuracy and perception is added
    • Dismiss of soldiers is now accessible only from this screen
  • There is a new tab in personnel screen showing the soldier memorial
  • New game over screen with gameplay statistics
  • Factions can now attack Phoenix bases when at war with Phoenix
  • When New Jericho is attacking a Pandoran base now you can join in the attack and you will encounter some of their soldiers in battle
  • Ancient Guardians: expanded list of resistances
  • Project Glory now researchable after the first mention of the ancient civilization in the main story
  • Bionic Fortress: increased deployment
  • DLC 1 and 2: a number of missions have rewards increased


  • Visual upgrade of the tactical UI
    • Portraits are now showing hit points along with will points and action points
    • Advanced information about weapons can be activated from the gameplay options


  • Controller scheme rework - complete rework of Tactical and Geoscape controller scheme, there is no longer a free cursor in the game
  • New neutral haven special mission

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hang when evacuating from an Ancient Site defense mission.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could scrap items that were already scrapped thus gaining infinite resources.
  • Fixed an issue where some evacuation points on Anu maps would appear floating in the air.
  • A materials reward is now present in the Victory briefing screen after capturing an Ancient site.
  • Disabling an enemy unit's equipment/weapon will trigger its flinching animations.
  • Fixed an issue where boulders were blocking an evacuation zone on some Scavenging maps.
  • Fixed an issue where Triton enemies could spawn inside some environmental props on Scavenging maps.
  • Fixed an issue where the player's units couldn't use ladders on some New Jericho maps.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles couldn't move on some New Jericho maps.
  • Fixed an issue where a Pure soldier's shield would remain in the air after the unit gets killed.
  • Fixed an issue where a string of text appeared while aiming a Chiron enemy's Agile Leg body part.
  • Fixed an issue where The Exalted could overcharge her Will Points above her maximum value of 28.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dazed animation would sometimes appear on the ground.
  • The Hatching Sentinel's electrical visual effects can no longer be viewed before discovering the enemy.
  • The Status - Psychic Ward ability should appear only once in the character info section.
  • Fixed a hang when a Heavy damages its own Fury-2 launcher while shooting with it
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't save their game when loading an autosave
  • Mind control can't be used by targets that are Dazed anymore
  • Fixed an issue where the players were receiving notification for Timed Missions expiring when they weren't revealed yet
  • Jet Jump can no longer be used in some Alien Nest missions
  • Fixed the fence at the start of the Prisoner of Ice mission from blocking vehicles
  • Poison stacks will no longer be reduced upon loading saves where units have been poisoned
  • Fixed an issue where units entering cover in a specific corner of an Anu building would kill them
  • Sentinels can no longer enter their Preparing state when under the effects of Daze
  • EMP grenades now deal damage and disable Spider Drones
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could deploy in buildings on certain Haven Defense missions
  • The Neural Disruption ability will now disable the Siren's Mind Control ability
  • Fixed an issue where the Priest's Radiant Hope aura was still in effect after being evacuated

DLC 3: Festering Skies is scheduled for early 2021, more details coming soon.

The Phoenix Point: Year One Edition collects all existing DLC, updates, upgrades, digital content, and much more into a single package.


  • Phoenix Point Game
  • DLC 1 - Blood & Titanium
  • DLC 2 - Legacy of the Ancients
  • Living Weapons Pack DLC
  • Official Phoenix Point Digital Soundtrack Album
  • The Compendium Digital Story Collection
  • Official Phoenix Point Digital Art Book
  • Digital PC Wallpapers
  • Digital Game Manual

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition will be available on December 10, 2020, making its debut on Steam!

Phoenix Point is available on PC/Mac via the Epic Games Store, and is expected to arrive on PS4/Xbox One at some time in the near future.

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