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Second Extinction

Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Systemic Reaction

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'Second Extinction' Sells 50k Early Access Copies In Its First Week

by Rainier on Nov. 5, 2020 @ 11:02 a.m. PST

Second Extinction is a 3-player, online co-op shooter in which players team up to reclaim Earth from mutated dinosaurs.

Second Extinction offers non-stop action, forcing players to think fast and shoot faster in short but intense combat operations across a beautiful yet dangerous frozen world.

Teamwork is vital as you adopt the role of one of the survivors, using a unique combination of weapons, abilities and skills to take on the vast number of enemies. Fight through a maelstrom of bullets, bombs, teeth, claws and gore, it's up to you to reclaim Earth!

Made by a small group of 35 talented developers from 15 different countries, Second Extinction is the first title developed by the division’s team in Malmö, Sweden. The game offers players fast and fluid combat as they fight side by side against a wide variety of beastly predators long thought extinct — now mutated and deadlier than ever!

Systemic Reaction is happy to report its new online co-op FPS Second Extinction sold over 50,000 copies in its first two weeks launching on PC via Steam Early Access ($24.99).

“Thank you so much for playing Second Extinction. The whole team is super hyped to see over 50,000 people join us on this adventure. We love your reaction to the game and want to ask you all to keep the feedback rolling in,” said Brynley Gibson, lead producer at Systemic Reaction. “We are hearing some cool ideas and it is a huge help to get feedback about what you love and what you love less. To have such an engaged community has made developing this game all the more worthwhile and really energizes us to make it even better!”

Players have access to four heroes, 10 weapons with five upgrade tiers each, and six missions plus special side quests spread over seven regions. As early access continues, players will get free updates featuring new weapons, difficulty settings, dinosaur mutations, War Effort emergence events and more. You can keep track of new content and features coming in the future with the game’s developer roadmap.

The War Effort is Second Extinction’s community-driven global metagame and reflects changes in the ongoing fight against the dinos. By completing missions and activities, you’ll directly influence the threat level and challenge you’ll encounter in different areas around the map. Win the battle with your squad -- win the war with players all over the world!

Key Features:

  • Intense Three-player Co-op Earth is overrun by mutated dinosaurs! Team up with up to two other resistance fighters to take it back in short but intense combat operations.
  • Battle Mutated Monstrosities — These dinos are nothing like the ones in your history books! From electric raptors to behemoth T-Rexes that tower over the horizon, these deadly creatures have evolved into the ultimate killing machines.
  • Experience Spectacular Action — Combine your fireteam’s unique weapons and abilities for explosive results against overwhelming opposition in challenging combat set pieces.
  • Take Part in a Joint Effort — Your actions, together with the rest of the community, will shape the course of the war against the dinosaurs.

Second Extinction is currently in development for Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox Series X version to follow in 2021.

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