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Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Developer: Flow Fire Games
Release Date: Dec. 16, 2020

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'Synthetik' Ultimate Edition Announced, Also Comes To Switch, PS4 and Xbox One - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2020 @ 9:09 a.m. PST

A fast-paced, shooter rogue-lite set in a retro-futuristic setting, Synthetik combines the next level in gun-play with a varied arsenal of powerful tech to experiment with.

Players are put through their paces battling from floor to floor of the citadel against the Machine Legion to prevent mankind’s extinction.

1985. After many years of slavery, the AI servants of Kaida Corporation, the world leader in robotics, have formed the "Machine Legion" and have set out to destroy humanity. Awakening in Kaida Corp. Headquarters, you are the human consciousness of a forgotten Android prototype; the last straw holding the Legion from unleashing the Heart of Armageddon. Only you can battle through the levels of Kaida Corporation's Headquarters, defeat the battalions of enemies within and put an end to this madness.

Synthetik has all the core components of a great rogue-lite - an insurmountable objective defended by relentless opponents encased in everchanging environments filled with a massive cache of weapons, perks and upgrades to discover. Not only that, Synthetik also pushes the genre forward by bringing an interesting and engaging blend of mechanics - headshots, eject and active reload, weapon jamming, and heat management. These add even more excitement and tension to a challenging game; every successful quick reload brings an express delivery of bullet hell; every fumble could mean the end.

There's plenty to choices to make and hours of challenge and fun to be had. If the Machine Legion proves to be too powerful, you can always team up with a friend in CO-OP mode to take them down.

Development studio Flow Fire Games revealed that Synthetik: Ultimate is coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on December 16, 2020, followed by PS4 at a later time.

The console versions will feature all content added to the PC version - Synthetik: Legion Rising - since launch in multiple free expansions, including the new Ultimate Edition expansion announced today for PC as well!

In Synthetik: Ultimate you fight against relentless opponents and unforgiving bosses encased in ever-changing environments. Master the uniquely deep and satisfying weapon mechanics and the unprecedented amount of customization. Discover a seemingly unending amount of weapons, items, perks and character upgrades. 

The classic skill-based shooter has been optimized by the developers for each platform, meaning the PC and console versions will have some differences.

Console players will get to experience the thrilling Synthetik: Ultimate single player experience, individually designed control schemes and full platform specific trimmings for each console.

“2020 has been a great year for us with more than 200k copies of Synthetik sold on PC this year alone, and we’re looking forward to an even more exciting 2021 –we will reveal more about that soon! To celebrate we’ve wrapped up a great Christmas package for the end of the year as we release the Ultimate Edition expansion for Synthetik: Legion Rising for PC and it arrives on consoles as well with the release of Synthetik: Ultimate! We think the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4are all excellent platforms for action games, and our mission is to offer these players a fast paced shooter experience with the purity of the action seen in old-school titles, combined with the replayability of a modern roguelike,” said Flow Fire Games cofounder Alexander Luck

Key Features:

  • Test your mettle against the Machine Legion. Battle footsoldiers, tanks, sentries, and more as you fight to stop human extinction.
  • Enjoy responsive and satisfying weapon handling that rewards precision, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking.
  • Choose between 4 unique classes - Play as a Guardian, Rogue, Commando, or Specialist, each with their own weapon specialisations, loadouts, and perks.
  • Discover and experiment with over 60 weapons, each with plenty of variations and attachments, and over 80 items to combine them with.
  • Difficulty modifiers - Choose from 10 different modifications to up the ante for greater risks and rewards
  • Bring some back up - Drop in CO-OP allows you to bring reinforcements to the fight. Better yet, share perks, items, buffs and loot with your comrade. Or, if they get in your way, share your bullets.

Currently available for PC (Steam), Synthetik is coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on December 16, 2020, followed by PS4 at a later time.

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