Retro Machina

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Orbit Games
Release Date: Q1 2021

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'Retro Machina' (ALL) Details Its Sci-Fi Setting & Environments - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2020 @ 10:21 a.m. PST

Retro Machina is a single-player action/puzzle game and exploration with elements of RPG, set in a retro-futuristic universe.

Retro Machina players take on the role of a solitary worker drone, labeled by the robot society as a malfunctioning unit and banished from his home.

Equipped with the ability to control other machines, our hero must use all the tools at his disposal to rebuild himself and find out if any intelligent life remains. He must explore the desolate, disintegrating maze-like terrain, overcome the harsh environment, and take control of deadly antagonistic automatons in order to discover the mysteries of the world and the origins of its only remaining city.

As the only surviving city of a long-dead world, Endeavour City has for centuries existed as a robot utopia, following a strict set of rules and processes in an effort to maintain its perfection; a perfect world where imperfections must not remain. To all its inhabitants, the city under a great glass dome is as it was from the start, but something in the crumbling towers and overgrown roadways seems off to one, malfunctioning robot. With his former family turned against him, he must navigate the land beyond the domed city, overcome the treacherous challenges that face him, and seek help for his much-loved home.

Set in a vibrant hand-drawn avant-garde retrofuturistic environment, Retro Machina draws inspiration from the works of science fiction’s foremost authors, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. Players are invited to explore four diverse biomes, each with their own unique aesthetic and vicious bosses.

In a world long forgotten by humanity, a lone worker robot is setting about its mission to rediscover the world and find out whether any life still exists in this robot utopia.

Endeavor City
Protected and isolated from the outside by a glass dome, Endeavor City is the only known city that remains intact. It is inhabited only by robots that fulfill the function of keeping it perfect, and imperfections are not tolerated.

Nucleonics Factory
Hiding inside the forest is the old Nucleonics Labs factory. Even though it has been deactivated for a long time, it still contains several machines that were built but never used.

Atomic City
Atomic City was once one of the greatest cities in the world. Now it is only a shadow of its former self. The ruins hide several dangers, but also treasures and mysteries to be revealed. Some of the buildings remain intact, such as the Venus Mall and Drive-in, a reminder of its former inhabitants.

Marine Nation
The floating city was designed to be grand and imposing. Among the luxurious buildings, you can find the old casino flooded by water. In the central square lies the ruins of the statue of its founder and his immense tower, a monument to his ego. Today, the fate of Marine Nation is to sink slowly into oblivion.

Serendipity Mountain
The great and serene mountain has a huge rocket at its peak, where it has rested for a long time. Even from a distance, it is possible to observe strange constructions and structures on its surface which lead to its interior, but what is hidden there remains a mystery.

Our hero will face different challenges in each of these environments and will have to use every tool at his disposal to discover the mysteries of the world and seek help for his much-loved home. Equipped with the ability to control other robots, he’ll be able to turn enemies into allies in order to overcome the treacherous traps laid for him.

Key Features:

  • Painterly Futurism: Set in a beautifully vibrant, hand-painted avant-garde retrofuturistic environment, players will explore spaces and scenery that are reminiscent of some of the works of legendary futurism artist Jaque Fresco. With diverse biomes to explore, unique and varied enemies to overcome, Retro Machina is a gorgeous journey to embark upon.
  • Alone, But Not Defenseless: You may be small, but you are definitely not helpless. As a worker drone, you can hack into the minds of other robots and take control of their actions, allowing you to defend yourself against ruthless attackers and solve intricate puzzles.
  • Fix Yourself Up: You’re on your own now, so you must prepare. Armed with your trusty wrench, gather parts and tools to mend your malfunctioning body, and upgrade your defenses and combat abilities to battle against the vicious robot defense force dead set on keeping you from returning to Endeavour City.
  • Explore the Unknown World: Throughout your journey, you will travel through four extraordinary areas, each with dozens of exceptional enemies, unique and challenging bosses, hidden secrets, and thought-provoking puzzles to solve.

Retro Machina will be available for PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Q1 2021.

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