Elva The Eco Dragon

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Titan Deep Space Company
Release Date: Dec. 18, 2020

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'Elva the Eco Dragon' Leaving Early Access Later This Month

by Rainier on Dec. 3, 2020 @ 11:33 a.m. PST

Elva the Eco Dragon is a 3D action adventure where you must control Elva, a small dragon whose mission is to cleanse the planet: land, sea and even space.

Follow Elva, a little dragon concerned about ecology, through four initial levels and three more to come for free, and protect our planet from pollution and waste. Recycle, plant trees and change plastic bags for paper ones as you clean the seas and the atmosphere, among others.

To do this, Elva aims to help you in different scenarios, and with different challenges, which accumulate and become more complex as you complete the different levels of the game. At first we will start by cleaning up the waste that has been scattered on the ground, or sometimes, that is flying through the air in small balloons.

Many more things, and more to come.

But gradually we will be asked to do more. For example, the first objects will be automatically directed to a ship, or a plane, to be taken to a recycling plant.

However, later on other objects will be found to be recycled. You'll need to transport those items to a recycling center, and choose the right container for the waste to be processed properly.

Currently available through Steam Early Access, Elva the Eco Dragon will be released on December 18, 2020.

The full version of Elva the Eco Dragon contains new features such as the ability of flying, the super cleaner power which allows you to clean all the debris at once, and the super forest power which generates trees throughout the stage, among others.

It also includes all the feedback given by the users who played the game in Early Access. 

Other tasks will consist of planting trees in different areas. To do this, you will have to capture the "tree powerup". With them you will be able to create trees and plant them wherever you want. Also by planting these trees you will be able to obtain paper, which you will then use to change the plastic bags for paper ones, which will be a source of joy for the passers-by.

And many more things that will be seen throughout the different levels of the game. For example, you can even, in the advanced levels, clean the seas and see how life flourishes. You can clean up the debris floating in space around the Earth. And even travel to the future and clean up the moon before it gets too dirty.

All this and much more is "Elva the Eco Dragon".

Help Elva in her dream of cleaning up the whole planet. Because we still have a chance to win. In the game, and in our lives. Thank you.

Elva the Eco Dragon is coming to PC (Steam) on December 18, 2020.

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