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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Headup Games
Developer: Headup Games

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'Tinkertown' Available On Steam Early Access - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 3, 2020 @ 2:37 p.m. PST

Tinkertown features a procedurally generated open world, which can be explored alone or via simple drop-in-drop-out multiplayer with up to three friends online.

Come to Tinkertown - A refreshing new Multiplayer Sandbox Experience! Grab your shovel, your pickaxe, and your sword and enter the realms of Tinkertown. A magical place awaits filled with loot, danger, and creativity. Build your own village - from small shacks to impressive castles and townships.

Tinkertown features a procedurally generated open world, which can be explored alone or via simple drop-in-drop-out multiplayer with up to three friends online. Sinister dungeons offer an additional challenge with merciless battles, but reward the players with epic loot, which can be used for numerous crafting possibilities.

The game world captivates with handmade pixel graphics and offers a dynamic day and night cycle, creating a very special, magical atmosphere. There are various biomes to explore, such as mystical forests, vast deserts, chilling ice tundras and mountains with glowing rivers of lava. And above all that, you will find one thing: Loot, Loot, Loot!

Utilizing many resources as well as countless blueprints and crafting recipes, there are no limits to the design possibilities in Tinkertown. Besides tools, armor and different weapons, players can also craft furniture, workshops and machines. This way, a small village can rise from an initial hut in no time, and eventually whole settlements and impressive cities will emerge.

By equipping their character with different types of weapons and armor, each player experiences Tinkertown their own way - as a rogue, warrior, mage, or in a self-created role. Character specialization is especially useful, because in this colorful world many dangers are lurking: In addition to small enemies, which will make life difficult for the player on the overworld right from the start, powerful bosses are waiting in the combat-orientated dungeons.

Tinkertown is available on Steam Early Access at €16.99 with a special launch discount of 15%. 

“We have chosen Early Access as we want to build the game from ground up with you, the players, as this is essential to the quality of the game. The earlier we can include valuable feedback by those who dig the concept of the game, the better the final quality will become. As we are especially aiming with this game to be most enjoyable in multiplayer, the more feedback we can gather also on on technical and network performance the better we will be able to optimize everything up to the full launch.”

“The current version at EA launch will already include the full base gameplay, multiplayer, and enough content to entertain over a long time. But as with most sandbox games, the sky is the limit, we will try to implement as much as we can before releasing the game into EA.”

“The full release will mostly implement the best feedback from our players, have a more final balancing, new crafting recipes, more items, enemies - and as much as we can possibly add.”

Key Features:

  • Explore beautiful landscapes such as mystical forests, great deserts, steaming lava mountains, and more.
  • Craft new equipment and become a rogue, a warrior, or wizard - or create a new loadout and invent your own play-style.
  • Gather resources and discover new things to build.
  • Build your own habitat - by yourself, or online with up to three friends.
  • Descent into combat driven dungeons and battle large underworld bosses.

Tinkertown is in development for PC (Steam), scheduled for 2021.

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